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  5. I disagree I have had it for almost 10 years with no problems. IE does screw up and I hate MSN!.When I switched to DSL and was using that service I had really big problems. But when I piggybacked AOL for broadband I had no problems
  6. Yes even when I ordered my custom made laptop, it was here in days instead of weeks. :grin:
  7. So true except #10. I love roller coasters, never been to Martha's vineyard
  8. I went for therapy for my frozen shoulder and always came out hurting after. And during the course of treatment I had 2 different therapists because one got married and was away a few weeks. There was some more movement, but to be honest I got more movement and much less pain at the gym. I only stretch as far as I can stand it, and when I sam done I go hit the sauna and hot tub and/or steam room. I belong to Bally's.
  9. My sister sent me this so I am passing it on... http://i.euniverse.com/funpages/cms_conten...29/4candles.swf
  10. Well NY/LI is hard because we have gone from the high fifties down to the 20's in a few days and back up again. Right this minute it is 37.
  11. I AM from food City, NYC and so far our RCI cruises I have no compliants, but on NCL I did, especially the buffet. In the speciality restaurants I liked all of the meals especially the French one, bit why pay extra? And again as I said before the service ws really lacking except in th paying venues. But I really blame that on auto tipping and freestyle, With more than 3 peolpe serving you at a meal, there seems to be a lack of communication.
  12. For all the bubblewrap poppers out there … you know who you are. [www.virtual-bubblewrap.com] Scroll to “I know this is the only reason you came : )†Click on “Pop some bubblewrap now!†With volume on start popping. Check on “Manic Mode†for multiple popping fun. Or scroll down to “Back by popular demand: the insane version of Virtual Bubblewrap†Have fun and start POPPING
  13. I know and I am so thrilled. We recently bought 100 shares just so we could get the ship baord credit, and it has gone up 10 points since we bought it! WOOHOO! :grin:
  14. I was also a sophmore in HS. They announced it over the PA and even the nuns were crying.
  15. Boy can I ever relate.I have had it styled nicely got a few months now and went back to the one that did it the way I like it the last time. I even showed her a picture. My hair was your length also. I wanted feathered and layered again also and after she finished it did not even touch my shoulders and chopped up very uneven. I could barely get it into a ponytail. I was too upset to even cry. So I decided that I would use a clip on ponytail until it grew out. I have been trimming it myself and it does not look horrible, but I am not so sure how soon I will be going to another salon, and certainly not the one I went to that day. I say play with different styles before you do anything drastic.
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