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  1. Happy Birthday rdlouhy!

  2. Are life jackets no longer required during the muster drill?
  3. WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Paul is from cruisecrazies. Sorry,if you name his site it gets switched to "craizes."
  5. Welcome Aboard!

  6. Hi and welcome to the new Cruise Crazies!

  7. Hello and welcome to the NEW CruiseCrazies!

  8. Eagle and Skaol, I will be on Sovereign in july.Looking forward to your posts.
  9. "Live and direct with rita cosby' is on MSNBC at 8;00 CST every weekday. She talks about the smith case most of the time. Last night her story was on dr.Lee's visit to the ship.She had the Smith family on again. The sister now says George was murdered and RCI is covering up. No more talk of a disappearance. She keeps asking for the passanger list. I hope RCI keeps that info private.She would be calling all those poor people.
  10. Lets start a new thread. The oprah discussion is over. I watched rita cosby last night.She seemed to turn down her attack on RCI. Also,how can dr.lee help if he will only give his findings to the family who paid him?
  11. She has had so much coaching by her lawyer she might be a paralegal by now.
  12. Did the princess think the bar was free? I wish we all could receive our bill in the mail,rather then on the last day.
  13. Just watched the show.Her crocodile tears didn't do it for me .I still say she's hiding something.
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