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  1. midnight -- 1 am up at 5:30 ish but have to nap a while in afternoon to stay up later
  2. if i am winning its the roulette table if i am losing its the nickle slots LOL
  3. seems someone forgot that it is spring here in Florida and had a cold front move in on us. was going to beach today but might just stay home. other than that thing are great.
  4. never had to use. only thing i have used is the iron when one of my dresses got overly wrinkled.
  5. as its just me and 11 yr old son i choose and he goes along LOL
  6. if we are part of a group we like to do the private or on our own excursions. however, when its just me and my son i will use the cruise line excursions just for the peace of mind.
  7. sounds interesting but would have to see as the company i work for has, at least for this year, mandated vacations be taken prior to Oct 31.
  8. my son loves having pictures taken so i usually let him pose but i take one with my camera as well if i can. we buy a few but i hate having my picture taken so. have like 3 or 4 thousand pictures that i have taken over the years and only have a handfull of me thats what i look like in pics LOL
  9. joey as i have a new job vacation time is limited so we are looking into the carnival holiday(4 day) out of mobile as its a 45 minute drive to port. Son will miss a few days of school but as he spends summer with his dad its like the only time we have to go.
  10. Been gone for a long while but hopefully will have more time to check in here. trying to get cruise planned for sept for my sons birthday. having fun in sunny florida.
  11. What is a "TENS" unit? how does it work etc? Elva
  12. have to agree with mrsamanda-- would not do alaska -- i no like cold.
  13. i would and have gone alone(or with just my son) on excursions. its not worth dragging someone along that does not want to go and ruin your day.
  14. elva

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  15. french fries--- cheeseburger
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