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  1. Hi Steve- I am so sorry to hear about you and Lynda. I wish you both happiness and am happy you will continue posting here.
  2. Hi all! Not much happened this past week. We had snow flurries all day yesterday; that is the best kind of snow! Nothing stuck! Ashley went outside in her pajamas, boots, winter coat and laid on the ground watching it snow! That's my Ash!! Aubrey was placed in an advanced reading group;she is in kindergarten and the teacher said she has completed 4th grade sight words. Ashley's nose is a little out of joint. She said she never got picked for that!! I went to lunch with a friend from the urgent care. We had a great time and then went window shopping at the mall. Falina- I am sorry you were hating your job and am so relieved things have been resolved to your satisfaction. I have been there and it is a miserable feeling. Steve- You deserve to have the doctor dancing down the hall with that weight loss and exercise regime! Thinking of Gramps made me smile! Although I never met him, I so enjoyed your stories about him. Kevin- it's good to see you pop in here! I am jealous of your European cruise. One day....... Ray- I am sorry you are having shoulder problems. My mother, who is 90, hurt her shoulder doing some PT exercises with a band. The doctor thinks she either tore or ruptured her rotator cuff. We are not looking forward to the surgery with her.... Jan- I am glad the shower was a success. Hope your taxes won't be too painful! Hi to all not mentioned; you are not forgotten! Hope everyone has a great week!
  3. Tim- You and Melonie will be in my thoughts and prayers. You have the right attitude; your father- in- law is not suffering and is with his soul mate.
  4. Hi all! What a great weekend we had! We went to Scott's house for Aubrey's birthday party. I can't believe she is 6 yrs old. Ashley announced she wanted to come home with us! So, off we went. Went to the mall and then out for dinner. We finally got home and played Simon Says. That girl couldn't get enough of it! She was so funny... Today we played cards; we taught her Slapjack and War. Then we finished it with Uno. I took her to get her first mani/pedi. She was so excited with it! She is such a sweet girl. She kept saying, "Yes, ma'am" when they asked her something. All the ladies were complimenting her on her manners and she was beaming. Steve- Congrats on the weight loss! You can have the snow; we will keep the rain, thank you! Rose- So glad to hear your dad is home! Now maybe you can get some much needed rest. Mary Lou- what a scare with TJ! I know you and Jim were frantic for those few minutes and I am sure it seemed like years until you found out where he was.... and now Ash hurt again; I think they both need bubbles! Andi- Bon Voyage! Jan- so glad to hear you had an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon! We would love to see it some day Jackie- I am glad you went for the echo and will be following up with the cardiologist. I bet you had a blast at Fort Wilderness Debbie & Jerry- We were watching the golf match today and saw how windy and cold it was in Arizona. The balls were going all over! Ed- Congrats on almost completing the chemo! Hawaii sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. Shari- Sounds like you had a very "rewarding" Valentine's Day; congratulations! How is Mark feeling? Ray- Glad to hear Yuki gets Saturdays off now; she can get some rest, anyway! Hope your parts are working better today Debbie- I would love to do the Mediterranean... 2016, huh?? hmmmm........ I know I probably left out someone; I usually do but not on purpose, believe me! Hi to all and have a great week!
  5. Hi all! I am glad to hear all of you made it through the storm! Mary Lou- that is awful about the plow guy! I agree with Andi- it would have been one thing to do it gratis and then encourage you to use his services, but his way- NO way!! Jan- glad to hear you made it through but sorry to hear your driveway was a mess from the state. Take care with the shoveling. Ray- glad to hear your wrist is getting better Steve- love the way you make the Wal-Mart ladies happy! Jackie- if you do buy the RV, I would love to see pics Falina- I am glad you are starting to feel better! Rose- thinking about you and your family this week. Prayers for your father Sarge- sorry Chrissy's plan didn't turn out. I hope she gets home safely. I think it is wonderful you love your job! I know the residents love you with your good attitude. Lee and I had a nice weekend. Did a lot of running around on Saturday and had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Sunday was relaxation day. Hope everyone has a great week!!
  6. I was afraid of that! i forgot Debbie- How are you doing with your new glasses? Are you enjoying your new minivan? I have a Camry that is old but I love it. I read you have an upcoming cruise. Where are you going? Is it with Celebrity? Deb(and Jerry)- how are the dogs? Now I think I remembered everyone!!
  7. Hi All! So much has happened, I don't know where to start..... My urgent care decreased hours due to a management position and I was laid off. I only had 6 1/2 yrs seniority. I am now working at a home health agency in the office as a Patient Care Coordinator.I finished my first full week there on Friday and celebrated by getting a cold! It is a new adventure for me and I will have to get used to M-F 8:30-5:30. I will be wearing regular clothes instead of scrubs. I will certainly have to get used to wearing heels and regular shoes instead of my sneakers!! Ashley and Aubrey are both doing well in school and have straight A's. Ashley was baptized last week and it was a very special day for us. My mother turned 90 on Jan. 25! We had a large party for her on 1/20. People came from all over and all my sisters and brother flew in. All my mother's sisters and brothers are still living and they were all there with her. I think she was a bit overwhelmed but was so happy to see everyone! I posted pics on fb. Steve- Lee and I have both recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are still trying to get the diet figured out. What app are you using? I am using Glucose Buddy. Ray- You and Yuki are still the busy beavers, I see! Glad to hear all your students are doing well. Is Yuki going to do taxes again this year? Shari- I am so sorry to hear about your niece's husband. My prayers are with her and your family. Falina- I hope your back improves and your cold goes away quickly! I can't believe your cruise is this year. I remember when we all were talking about you booking it!! Tim- I hope your cruise to nowhere was relaxinng. I am sorry things are hard for you and Melonie. Thinking about both of you! Sarge- it is nice to "meet" you. I will have to check out your blog! I love the Radiance class size of ships. We have been on Jewel a couple of times and Radiance 3 times, I believe. We are scheduled to cruise on Serenade in December, so that only leaves Brilliance to do! MaryLou- How are you feeling? How did TJ's appt go? I hope you are having a relaxing fun weekend; you both deserve it! Rose- sorry to hear your father will need surgery. How is your sister doing? Ed- How are you feeling? How is the Hawaiian cruise planning going? That has been my all time favorite cruise! Wish we could do it again! Andi- glad you had such a good time at Disney World with Lucas! We all went one Thanksgiving and rented a house. I will never forget what a great time the girls had. It is a very special memory for us and I am sure your trip with Lucas will be one of yours! Jan- Sorry your daughter did not qualify for the Post Office. I agree with Ray; it would have been easy for the PO to check prior to calling for interviews. Jackie- Hope your sleepover with Luc was as much fun as we have with Ash and Aubrey's! I am very sorry if I neglected someone; it certainly was not my intention! I don't think I will be able to post during the week, but I am not sure how my schedule will go. If not, I will try to get on here weekly to check in with you all! Have a great week!
  8. Merry Christmas! I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends!
  9. Just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am very grateful for all my cruising friends! Have a blessed day!
  10. Good morning! Mary Lou told me this am that her daughter just got power so they are going over there. Glad to hear you and Yuki are okay, Ray. Wish Tim would check in here...
  11. Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know Mary Lou and Jim are okay. They have no power and replacing shingles may cut into their cruise budget, but they are safe! Prayers for everyone's safety!
  12. Hi all! I have to work this evening but wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July. Tim- We will remember your MIL in our prayers for a successful surgery... Hi to all and enjoy your day!
  13. Hope everyone has a great day! Be safe!
  14. Kevin- I just read that Charlotte is sending Colorado help to fight the fires... hope they can assist y'all! http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48026894/ns/local_news-charlotte_nc/
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