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  1. Happy Hump Day!! ROSE, Of course we will pray for Muriel. Have a great day all. RAY, nice rant!!
  2. Good Monday all. Rainy here to, MARYLOU. A dry trunk is always good. RAY, Maybe a crazie cruise for 2014. This way we can really plan ahead. Welcome home ROSE. FIL is resting. A big hello to Martha, Jenn, Andi,Shari,Deb, Kevin,Jan ,Steve,Jackie,Cheryl,Keith and Rita,Jim
  3. Wow!!! just 246 days till my next cruise and 321 till the one after that. Where does the time go. LOL!!!!!!
  4. RAY, Over the past weekend we were invited to see our cousin from Oklahoma sing at Carnegie Hall. She was part of a choir put together of close to 200 people from around the country of all ages. They were accompanied by a full orchestra and some famous conductor. Have you ever been to Carnegie Hall.? I hear the best way to get there is , practice,practice, practice. If you are ever in NY, I think you would love it.
  5. MARYLOU, Are there plans for another Cruise Crazie Cruise for year 2013????
  6. Good morning. Marylou, was it me you forgot?? Haven't been able to post. Not much good news these days. FIL is coming home tomorrow but still has problems getting around. The sores on his legs are really bad from the predisone. I just found out my close friend and office manager has stage 1 breast cancer. I am so upset for her. But it's a good thing they caught it so early. Sorry to lay that on you so early in the morning. Have a good day and weekend.
  7. MARYLOU, Good luck to Ash. Have a very safe trip to Ct. RAY, Good luck at the Doctor. Then REST, we all know you need it. A big hello to Jan, Stacey, Kevin, Jackie, Rose, Jim, Steve, Debbie, Cheryl, Carmen, DebbieandJerry, and all other crazies.
  8. TGIF It has been some week. Today is my one true Love's Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELONIE!!!! Tough day though with her Dad in the Hospital. Nothing major, hopefully a medication change. Have a great weekend everyone. We are going out tomorrow for Melonie and then relaxing for the rest of the weekend. We did book another cruise for my Birthday in Feb, so things aren't that bad,
  9. Happy Hump Day. Been kinda busy, unable to check in. Welcome Jan!! Good luck Kevin, or should I wish your sister that.
  10. That's great news, hope you get it, fingers crossed!
  11. Good Monday Morning all. Rainy and gloomy here today. Not very chatty, must be the weather. BBL
  12. Never doubt the power of cruise crazies prayers
  13. Kevin, Samana, Dominican Republic. I never heard of it either.
  14. What time should we be there????
  15. Happy Friday. Clear and Sunny today on Long Island. MARYLOU, We love the Beach Boys. They come to the Jones Beach Theatre every year and get a massive crowd. Good day to all. BBL
  16. Thanks everyone, it was really good, can't wait till next year. Only 336 days to go.
  17. Happy Friday Eve. Good news, FIL is resting comfortably with his legs up, being pampered by the nurses. He says the hospital food is gourmet, It turned out to be the soars on his legs weren't healing. The predisone he takes is killing him more than healing him. I see my picture now, I had Jason look into it. Good luck today Ray, I know what you mean, I'm eating nothing but fruit and veggies since the cruise, I don't dare get a blood test now. or go near a scale. Marylou, sounds like a fun night, you need it, go wild. How did you not gain an ounce, you just cruised?? Good news on the check up. Andi, I'm at a loss for words. OUCH!!!! Hope you heal fast. ROSE, hope today is a rest day after all you did yesterday. STEVE, what a deal, they pick where to eat and you get to pay, count me in. Have a great day all. BBL
  18. Something is wrong with my Avatar. Do you see it?? Also posted my review of the Norwegian Gem cruise if you are interested.
  19. 456 Click here to view the cruise review
  20. Happy Hump Day. Haven't heard an update on FIL. Will know more tomorrow. Visiting him later today. Have a great day.
  21. Good Tuesday all. Ray, prayers for your SIL, hope your back gets better soon. Andi, keep the faith, hope it all works out for you. Marylou, prayers for Ash,Jim and You always. Rose, I get sinus pain all the time, except when I'm on a cruise, is that why you are always traveling ? LOL! Martha, a big welcome back to you to. Stacey, WELCOME to the dock. Haven't had a chance to read your blog, but will. Carmen, Welcome home!! Cheryl, great quilt!! Hello to Kevin, Jim, Steve , Debbie , Hope I haven't missed anyone. BBL
  22. GOOOOD Monday morning to all. YES!! We had a great trip. The ship was spotless and the crew was overly friendly. The weather was perfect and we had the best time we have had in years of cruising. We loved the Norwegian Gem so much we already booked next years cruise for April. I see I have a lot of pages to read and work to catch up on. So, I hope to post a review as soon as I can. FiL went back to the hospital yesterday so Mothers day is put off till next week. It was nice of him to wait till we got home. I do hope everyone stayed well and there is no bad news to read. It's great to be home. Talk later. Tim...
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