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  1. Happy Birthday Tmoney!

  2. I am booked on the FOS the week after you....Dec. 12-19. Looking forward to this cruise. Have never cruised with RCL before. I hear the ship is beautiful!
  3. I am sailing on the FOS Dec. 2010 going to the Western caribbean. Did you go Eastern or Western? Have never been on Royal Carb. Have been on 6 Carnival cruises, thought we'd try a new line this time. Can you tell me anything I should know about the ship. Thank you, Teri from Long Island, NY
  4. Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas...... Planning a Dec. 2010 Cruise on this ship. Any feedback on this particular ship would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shortstuff
  5. Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas...... Planning a Dec. 2010 Cruise on this ship. Any feedback on this particular ship would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shortstuff
  6. Hi Fellow Cruisers.... Does anyone know the website for locating good and bad cabins on a ship? Planning a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas in Dec. 2010 Once saw a web site that told us of cabins "to be aware of". Would appreciate any help.....and also some feedback if anyone has sailed on the Freedom of the Seas. Thanks a lot..... Happy Sailing Shortstuff
  7. Does anyone have any feedback on the Carnival Glory since it came out of dry dock?
  8. Thanks DebbieandJerry.......I will check it out and let you know what happens. Teri Long Island, NY
  9. Thanks Steve, I think we are going to book this November cruise! The ship is most likely to be like the Freedom. Very big, lots of guests and a confusing configuration of decks!!! We also had to go up a deck to get to the dining room. There are 2 dining rooms on this ship. Which one is better....the aft one or the middle one? Thanks again. Teri...from Long Island, NY
  10. Hi--I am thinking about booking Nov.7 2010 cruise on the Glory. Have you heard good things about this ship? I have been on 5 other Carnival cruises, but this is the first time on Glory. I have read both good and bad about it. Are you going Eastern or Western Caribbean? Appreciate your responses. Happy Sailing, Shortstuff
  11. Feedback on the Carnival Glory since the ship came out of dry dock. Planning a cruise, and would like to know the good & the bad of the ship! Have been on many Carnival cruises, but never on this ship. Would appreciate all responses. Thanks, Shortsuff
  12. My husband and I just got back from cruising on the Carnival Freedom to the Eastern Caribbean. We had a great time. The ship is beautiful. Exceptionally clean and very friendly. The staff & all around crew were amazing. Very helpful and courteous. Food on this ship is excellent and plentiful. The cruise director. Weeeeeeeeeee Jimmy was a great guy. Personable and always caring about the guests. The shows in the Victoriana Lounge were Vegas style and very entertaining....those dancers and singers work very hard! The Sun King specialty Rest. was a great highlight to our cruise. We celebrated my B-day having dinner there. Food and service were above and beyond excellent! Great value for the price of admission! An all around great time on a great ship!!!! Happy Sailing to All.............
  13. Keith & Rita,

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Just got back from sailing on the Carnival Freedom.....what a FANTASTIC cruise!!!!!!!! Not a bad word to write about this ship!

  14. Happy Birthday, Teri!

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