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  1. Happy Birthday MisterEllie!

  2. Hi Crazies, Sorry for my silence, have been extremely busy at work, Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Only 2 months to go, before I'm flying over to Florida again - whee - looking forward to going again. Have just convinced my girlfriend Lisbeths dad to tag along at the Crazies Explorer cruise next year - so another Dane joining the fun. Take care!
  3. Hi Crazies, Nothing much to report, everyone in my management team is on holidays, except me - so there is lots to do. Temps has been 86-88 over the last days, quite humid and annoying. This weekend I will be travelling to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, visiting good friends there. So I'm sure it'll be lovely with a little weekend getaway. Sending a BIG hello to all, and wishing everyone a lovely weekend.
  4. Tack och det samma till du och Rita. Jag tänkar att du har hittat Translate at Google? I alla fall, trevlig helg till alla.Ellie: Keith wrote in Swedish "Martin and all Crazy, have a wonderful weekend"
  5. Debbie, sorry you and Jerry aren't able to join us - hopefully I'll get to meet you on a future group cruise.
  6. Hi Crazies, TGIF! I had a long week at the office, lots of meetings and lots of stuff to do. Anyhow that is over now, and I'm gonna have a quiet weekend doing not too much. We're having a heat wave here, if you can call it that over here, today it's been 86 and tomorrow and sunday they are saying it'll be around 90. That is considered quite hot over here, since we don't have AC at all. Well, I convinced our management team earlier this year to install it in the office, because the air there is not good. Got a good offer of 150,000 dollars and had it installed in May, so now my office is cool and nice. Will visit a good friend later today, who has her daughter/SIL + their childeren visiting from the US. They all live in San Francisco (she is Danish he is American) and here for a couple of weeks, that will be fun. Considering if I should be a good host, and share some of the Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies with them, which I sent home by mail from Florida, haha, that is me in a nutshell. Ray: Congrats on your iPad - I hope you'll enjoy it. I know I love mine. I bought the WiFi+3G 32GB version in Florida, we can't buy them over here before around Xmas. Falina; Sorry about your holiday to CA got cancelled, hope you'll get around to go there later this year or next year. A trip to the coast sounds nice. Got around to planning my next vacation the other night, and I'll be going to Florida again from October 21 through November 6 - looking forward to going again! I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend. A BIG hello to all and lots of sunshine from Europe
  7. Hi Crazies, It seems that you all had a lovely 4th of July holiday weekend - since I'm late, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY. Nothing much to report from my side of the pond - have been working quite a bit, celebrated my dads birthday with all the family, spent time with girlfriends. Regarding buying a Nook, Kindle or iPad - I'll just drop my 5 cents. I both have a Kindle and an iPad (I'm an Apple lover!) - the Kindle is very easy to operate, and easy to buy books on - when you have multifocal glasses, it's great to read on a Kindle. When I bought the iPad, I was happy to see that Amazon had relased their Kindle app to the App Store - downloaded it straight away, and have read a full book now - it's just perfect. It's much more clear and easy to read (to my liking), light in the screen, so you can read in bed with lights off. Guess there is pros and cons with both readers, but I would choose the iPad over the Kindle. Don't know about the Nook at all. Wishing everyone a lovely day, and a BIG hello to all.
  8. Hi Crazies, Another day has passed over here, its has been lovely weather around 78F again. Nothing much to report from this side of the pond. Will go out and buy some dinner and have an easy night tonight. Thankfully, my sleep in the weekend made me good, so it seems like I'm avoiding jetlag this time! Soon I will be starting to plan my fall trip to Florida, so everything is booked while prices aren't enormous. Wishing you a lovely day, sending a BIG hello to all.
  9. Hi Crazies, First day back at work went well, lots of things to catch up on. Everyone was happy to see me back, so that's always a good thing. Went out for coffee with a friend of mine, and had an easy dinner at a cafe. Having lovely weather here for june, today it was 78F and clear blue skies. Next week they are mentioned temps at 86F, so guess the summer has finally come here. Ray: Yes, I think Ellie would make a great ambassador (extraordinary and plentipotentiary naturally) to Denmark. I wonder if she will accept the challenge. Happy birthday to my dad, my girlfriends father and Frank aka Flancisco! Hope you had a lovely day. Wishing you a great day, and sending a BIG hello to all.
  10. They are indeed huge - and lovely. 46oz - I guess it's a nice size drink for noon? We had them at Gilligan's in Sarasota.
  11. Ellie wrote... ED: It was SOOOO hot the day we stopped at Gilligan's for that big drink. I couldn't wait to take a sip, and that's when my DH decided to snap us. It had mango rum, peach schnapps, cranberry juice & orange juice......YUMMY!!! Can't wait to go back and have another one of these days. That's a drink you that you do not need to order a second one! MARTIN: Happy you are back with us @ Cruise Crazies. Now that everyone knows we are a "couple", please check in often. (((MARTIN))). I wrote to Princess once....and it was a letter thanking them for the upgrade to a balcony room....at a time when I really needed something special. That was right after I had my series of epidural injections into my cervical spine, not knowing if I was going to be able to go on our cruise. We did go on our New Year's Eve cruise in Dec. 2008. I do believe that was with K&R, Rose & Howie, and the famous "FBI-MAN" and his wife (not Crazies, just CRAZY!). They sent me a $100 credit to use on my next Princess cruise (which was in Dec. 2009). Nothing bad to say about Princess! Just booked hotel reservations for our January 1 overnight @ Cape Canaveral. Good place to park our car! CHERYL(GW): Please post a picture of the dress you are making. Love to see your handiwork! Gotta get moving....I've been such a slacker today, no energy, no ambition, no nada! Hi Ellie, Sure, I will try to be here as often as I can, though it takes up a lot of time, to follow all the postings. (((((ELLIE))))) Say hi to Flancisco from me.
  12. I'm so sorry that you had such a terrible cruise. I have only heard bad things about NCL from friends and this just concluded it - I'm never gonna try cruising with NCL ever!!! You should really write a letter to the CEO of the NCL with a CC to their Customer Service Director - it is so not acceptable.
  13. Hi Crazies, OMG - slept a lot last night (in order to make up for jetlag). Went to bed 11pm and woke up at 1:30pm. Hopefully that long sleep will prevent me from having jetlag when I'm going back to work tomorrow. Had dinner with my parents yesterday, telling them all about my trip. Obviously they was very pleased that I had such a lovely time. Weather is nice here, according to our standards, clear blue skies and a lovely summer day, temps around 77F. I hope y'all will have a fabulous sunday, enjoying what's left of it here (4.49pm here now), watching the soccer game between Germany and England (2-1 half-time). God I miss my Arizona Sweet Tea...... Will be looking forward to receiving the package I sent home from Florida, it contains my loved peppermint lifesavers and pepperridge farm sausalito cookies :-) I know, I'm crazy - who else would send home 20 lbs of stuff from their holiday. A BIG hello to all.
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