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  1. Do you have any on line that we could view. We would love to see them. I will have to work on that and let you know! shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. I have some little clips on photobucket, maybe I could get them put there.
  2. I probably wouldn't anyway, just because it is more of a European experience, and I am more comfortable with the more US vibe on board.
  3. My husband and I saw a lady on Mariner of the Seas with a tiny dog she pushed in a special stroller. She took it into the buffet and everything. There are licensed emotional companion dogs here in Ca. They can't be denied even to live in Apartments without pets. You have to have a doctor fill out the application to get one. When I worked in the Cruise terminal in San Francisco years ago, We used to work the Old Regal Princess 10 day turn around for Alaska and Mexico. One sailing to Alaska the ship welcomed 200 blind guests and their dogs. It was an amazing thing to witness. They brought a huge roll of sod and laid it on the top deck so the dogs could play and use the bathroom in comfort, Yes there were other cruise guests on board who were not part of the party, but they all said they had a spectacular cruise, the dogs were wonderfully behaved of course, and it was said they all had a fantastic time as well.
  4. What a tragedy. I just keep thinking about the lone survivor, and how the passengers tried to help.
  5. Oh yes, we take loads of digital pics and lots of digital movies. One of our daughters is very gifted at editing and film making. She takes all of our stuff and turns it into the most entertaining dvds. They are really fun to watch over and over.
  6. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad they made things right for you. Of course that is a huge disappointment to be counting on something special and it was mishandled. But you ended up with some nice swag and a great cruise!
  7. We stay up later for sure, and sometimes the first night we will wake up at about 4 in the morning, and walk around the ship with our cameras, maybe get a snack. Its quiet, and you can get some great photos. Then we go back to bed and sleep till breakfast!
  8. I would go again! We are on the west coast, so we have Alaska, and Mexico itineraries we can do without flying. We have sailed to Alaska with Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Celebrity. All were awesome.
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome! I love to cruise and I love to visit and compare with other cruisers. I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with this community!
  10. My 9th cruise is here in 25 days, and it probably took me 7 cruises to really get it. I no longer do it, but it was bad before! I attribute it to my first four cruises were all to Alaska, and you do need a bit more when going there.
  11. Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas May 18, 1999 Inside Passage Alaska Embarked from Canada Place, Vancouver BC
  12. Hi I'm Allison. I just joined Cruise Crazies. I sailed Splendor with my family last May, and we had such a great time, we booked again for April 29, 2012. I can't wait to return to a great ship with a great staff!
  13. Hey travelmom77, welcome aboard! :)

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