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  1. Jackie. unfortunately. no. One lives in West Palm, and the other in Indianapolis. But I'm sure they'll be close, as my daughters are, and we all "facetime" a lot, and spend holidays together whenever possible, as well as a couple weeks in summer. I lived near Ocala Florida for 32 years. I've only lived in Indiana for 7 now, but absolutely love it, and having all the seasons again, even if winter was a little long winded this year ? What part of Florida do you live in. Also, wishing I'd discovered the joys of cruising while I still lived there....I'd save a ton of $ on flights!
  2. Hi Everybody! My beautiful youngest daughter just gave birth to my 4th grandbaby night before last! Liam is his name, and boy is he a cutie pie!! ❤️ My only other daughter is also due in 6 weeks, so lots of blessings coming my way. God is good. And as a great side note, our cruise just went down to double digits....95 days and counting....Yay! Life is so good!! Happy Memorial Day Everybody! ?
  3. OOOhhhh!! Naps are the BEST!! Love me some Sunday afternoon naps ❤️
  4. Jackie, I just laughed out loud because it's like you know me! 10pm, on the dot, my eyelids start drooping, and by 10:20 I'm really struggling, but 6am I'm bouncing out of bed, humming and bustling around like I've already had 3 cups of coffee, but haven't had a drop yet ?
  5. Wowwee Jan!! That's very impressive, 8 am workout! Jim and I don't do our workouts until like 7pm, twice a wk. (sometimes 3 times a wk), and we recently started walking around the neighborhood the other nights. He's definitely not a morning person (except on our cruise he was up before 7am...it was like he was a different person! ? ) and although he's never been rude to me or anything, he's kind of like a zombie and just stares blankly for an hour with his coffee, blinking occasionally so I know he's alive. I can talk and he doesn't even register what I'm saying. So not holding out too much hope for morning workouts, unless I go by myself to the gym, and I still work 4 days a week, so we'll probably just stick to what we're doing. What kind of stuff are you all doing? Any light weights? That's what we do, mine lighter than his, but I see muscles on my arms where they used to be saggy, and that thrills me to no end. I'm horrified by the fact that my arms used to blow in the wind when the car window was down....true story ?
  6. Agreed on all points....except the Milano cookies one, because 10 minutes seems kinda slow, don't ya think? ?
  7. That sounds a lot like what we're doing, minus the journal part. We also do no bread/pasta/potatoes/sugar (anything that converts quickly to sugar) We feel much better and have lots more energy, plus DH/ Jim lost 45 lbs, me only 20, but pre-menopausal women often have trouble so I'm not worried about it as long as I feel good.
  8. Shari, I don't think it made it any harder....just mostly feel thankful that I got that time, you know? ❤️
  9. So sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I lost one too and know that heartache. She was 3 months old when she went to be with the Lord. She was full term, but had a defective heart, and was too feeble for surgery. I got to spend 3 months with her but she never got to come home ? Time does heal, it's been 28 years ago, and I never take life for granted again from that time on. Thank you for sharing about your family. And If you watch the movie, let me know what you think. I'm interested in your take on it...... my pic is like 6 yrs old, I need to change it I guess. My hair is still long, but more reddish, less highlights now. Longer hair has always looked better on me than shorter, because of the shape of my head/face. Plus hubby likes it ?
  10. Shari, I have 3 grandbabies now, and both my daughters are expecting, so soon to be 5 "special gifts" as you so aptly put it. I love them so much. And yes, eating healthy can be confusing.....I think your hubby might be on the right track though. Me and DH watched a Netflix movie called "The Magic Pill" that was super eyeopening about the food industry (don't worry, no gross slaughter house stuff or anything) I would highly recommend it, as it was full of Dr. reports and research but still interesting....if you have Netflix I'd bet your DH and you would really enjoy it as much as we did. Also, thanks for the kind words. They made me feel good ?
  11. Yes, it's like 6 years old, but I put it on then and haven't changed it. My grandsons baby pic is still on my homepage too, and he's 6, so.....guess maybe I should update? lol! Thanks for the sweet compliment, but I do look older lately, and have started finding more gray hairs, even though I've dyed it reddish for years before I had any. I have 3 grandbabies, and both my daughters are expecting now, so soon to be 5! ? Life is full of blessings, and good to me.
  12. Jan, that is so awesome!! And yes, the food part IS the hardest. DH and I started eating low carb/ keto a few years ago (we eat what we want on cruises though), and I thought I was going to DIE, lol! I was such a sweets-aholic my whole life, I really had no idea how addicted I was to carbs. It was really, really difficult for me to break that craving for sugar. But we stuck with it, and have also started working out together, which motivates us because we're both doing it like a team and it keeps us going, when singularly we probably would have quit by now. It's never too late to get healthy!! (I was almost 50 the first time I ever went to a gym) We also feel so much better, and there's a sense of accomplishment when we follow our workout routine. I also believe we've been sleeping better. Good for you guys getting healthy too!! Woo-Hoo for us! ?
  13. Andi, I know, right? Do you ever drive, or always fly? We're embarking out of New Orleans for our Christmas cruise, partly because Hubby likes to drive, and it's do-able being approx. 11 hrs from us....I rent books on tape from the library, and it makes the drive much more bearable coming and going. Also, Happy Mothers Day to you, too!
  14. Hi Ray! Thank you so much for your input! I'm also skeptical, but determined to have fun regardless. Living in Indiana, Mobile is the closest port and exclusively Carnival. DH and I work both the day before and the day after the cruise, so we have to drive. We had already booked a Christmas cruise and a February cruise with RC, but that just seemed sooooo far away, and I'm kind of a junkie now ( DH thinks I've lost my mind....4 cruises my 1st year.... where has this been all my life? ?), so it was either a Carnival 4-nighter or nothing. The addict in me opted for a cruise ?
  15. Wow, that sounds awesome! DH and I still work full time, so we have to plan around work, my job being quite flexible, his not so much, as he runs the IT department of a smaller company and just cannot take off unless they're closed, or maybe a day or so otherwise a week. They close for 2 weeks at Christmas, unfortunately the most expensive time to cruise.....any hints on getting cheaper Christmas cruises, btw?
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