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    Meeting people
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    Doesn't matter - As long as I'm on a cruise!
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    Grand Turk
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    Local bars & hangouts
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    too many to list. have cruised all over the world.
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    LOVE Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series, Jinx Schwartz Hedda Coffey series, RP Dahlke (sp?) Lalla Baines series, Connie Shelton Charlie Parker and Samantha Sweet series, autobiographies, political reference, etc
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    Life is uncertain.. eat your dessert FIRST!
    Do what you want and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!!!
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    retired. it's a good gig!

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  1. best bang for my $ and I typically cruise solo so feel quite safe!
  2. I'd like to see a special SOLO fare especially for Platinum/Diamond VIFP!! I'd say at that level it would be well deserved!
  3. I'm here to report.... I just got off a 12 day CCL Journeys cruise and my cabin steward made a towel creation each and every night for my cabin mate and me
  4. so Keith n Rita... I think we chat a bit on CCL's Facebook page
  5. If you like sea days you'll LOVE a TA cruise.. I've been on 3 and have CCL Legend booked for a 16 day NYC-London via Greenland, Iceland, Shetland Isles, Ireland (5 ports, 11 sea days) in Jun 2020 with a bunch of folks I met on my last TA (May 2018 on CCL Horizon). Have cruised the Panama Canal 3x now.. if you get the opportunity try to find out if the ship will be passing through the "old" locks.. they are so fascinating with the flurry of activity assisting the ship through the locks.. the "new" locks are so automated as a gal sitting beside me on my last trip through so aptly said "it is about as exciting as watching paint dry!" HAH! Enjoy!
  6. I take a fair amount on my cell phone... and share on Facebook to make my friends envious. but that's all.
  7. I have used the same TA since 2002 to book all but 2 cruises (got friends & family through a friend that worked for NCL). My TA specializes in cruises (though can perform all) and has ALWAYS been there for me (49 cruises booked through her to date)!!! I wouldn't book any other way.
  8. I sure wish CCL would post something because folks on their FB page are going NUTS!!!!
  9. there is NO one at the excursion desk that can help. I went to the excursion desk on Horizon in December 2018 to ask and was specifically told they NO longer book future cruises and that I could use the computer to book, input a code for specials, amenities, etc.
  10. I'm literally ONLY in my cabin to sleep and shower/change for dinner, events, etc.. if I want to enjoy my morning coffee while gazing at the calming view I'll go up to a high deck that is empty and/or quiet and sit outside :)
  11. I read it on CCL's Facebook page and interestingly CCL did NOT dispute it.. I have 4 friends on CCL Magic right now and they said they are still getting towel animals each evening so YAY!! No photo.. just a lot of discussion.. WOW sad that something as innocuous as a towel animal would offend someone!!!! :(
  12. I just read on Carnival's Facebook page they are not gracing our cabins with towel animals any longer (unless requested) due to someone being offended by one of them.. Can you please check this out and verify if it is true or just an inane rumor? Thank you.
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