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  1. Mary Lou This young lady grew up on Staten Island and just moved to her own apartment just a few blocks from her parents' home - the address is 700 Victory Avenue. Just about to begin the journey. Kareen
  2. Good morning all Preparing a lovely dinner for DD's first day home. DS and his girlfriend will join us in the welcome home celebration tonight. Off to pick Danielle up in Staten Island in an hour or so. Thought it would be easier to pick her up at her friend's house today than at the Newark Airport at 4:30 am yesterday. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone Kareen
  3. Hi Everyone Thought I would check in to let everyone that our DD landed safely in Newark about 5:00 this morning and is spending the day with her college roomates in NYC. I will pick her up tomorrow after she catches up with her friends. Need to get to the College take part in a Biotechnology Camp for high school students so I will try to come back later. Good wishes to everyone who needs them and that would be all of us. Kareen
  4. Thought I would stop by and try out the "New Cruise Crazies" - I have been following what has been going on on the Dock but have not participated - spending more time on FB. Kudos to Jason for the outstanding overhaul of Cruise Crazies and I am sure that all the kinks will be eliminated in no time. To those who know me from the past our daughter is returning on Thursday from a 5 month stay in Israel where she was volunteering as an English teacher. We visited her in March and had a wonderful week just driving around - since we had been there twice before we didn't feel obligated to see the "tourist things" unless we wanted to. She had a great time and now she will be job hunting in the USA for a teaching position. Since we visited Israel this year we have decided to take a Spanish Mediterranean Cruise on the Eclipse in July 2010 instead of the Israel/Egypt cruise we had originally planned. I am working just five more days this summer at the college and will be taking the rest of the summer off - won't go back until the very end of August. Can't wait. I guess I have blabbed enough for one message - now that I have started I think I will be back in a more regular fashion. All the Best Kareen
  5. Joey I guess you weren't cheering loud enough - oh well Penn State will gain financially but not have bragging rights this time
  6. Jackie - congratulations on the beautiful new grandson - I'm sure it is nice to have him so close. Bob and I were in Tampa last month - I had to attend a meeting at the Westin -- so we came a day early and played a little and then Bob had a few more days to explore. We were hoping to take an Azamara Cruise to Greece, Turkey, Israel and Egypt in the fall of 2009 but our DD will be spending the next 5 months in Israel as a volunteer teacher and so we will postpone the cruise so that we can spend some time with her in Israel - probably in April. We will probably spend as much for this week on the land than we would have spent on the two week cruise. We still need to use the deposit that we left with Celebrity during our Baltic cruise last summer just waiting for the second half of the 2010 cruises to come out to book. Joey - enjoy the Rose Bowl and cheer on our Penn State
  7. Hi Thought I would drop in to wish everyone a Happy 2009 - may it bring everyone good health, happiness and peace. Kareen
  8. Well now is your opportunity...... why don't you join us on the Constellation????? That would be awesome! Having just returned from the Constellation I think you will enjoy her as much as we all enjoyed the Millenium
  9. MAZEL TOV JOEY & DAVID I know that you will be great parents and mentors
  10. Just posted a quick review of our Baltic Cruise - I was unsuccessful downloading pictures
  11. momwig


  12. Click here to view the cruise review
  13. I will definitely keep you posted - getting together again would be fantastic!!
  14. Joey I don't think we will be able to join the Crazies on the cruise. Actually we were seriously thinking of an Azamara Cruise which did the Greek Isles, Israel and Egypt at about that time - but unfortunately I am committed as a National Board Member to attend the Reform Movement Convention in Toronto which will probably deplete our vacation budget for 2009 since Bob will also be attending. Our next cruise will probably be in 2010.
  15. We returned from our cruise on Saturday Night - IT WAS FANTASTIC - the Baltic itinerary was superb - the weather was perfect (sunny everyday teperatures between 75 and 80) -- those who will be doing the Cruise Crazies Cruise will love the Constellation a wonderful younger sister to the Millenium. Now it's back to normal life and figuring out what our next cruise will be.
  16. Hi everyone - just wanted to check in before leaving for Stockholm tomorrow to start our much anticipated Baltic Cruise. We board the Constelation on Saturday and sail away on Sunday. Bob and I are both excited and are still trying to figure out what to leave home so that we can fit everything into 2 suitcases and the garmet bag. Luckily. if we can't, we are permitted to bring a fourth piece without a fee. Today after cardiac rehab I ran around doing last minute errands - I think I am done but I am sure something will pop up. I will report back on our return - everyone please stay well and enjoy the summer. All Good Things Kareen
  17. Well thought I would check in -- can't believe after waiting so long the cruise is only a few weeks away -- glad that the unexpected heart problem will not prevent me from going - the cardiologist told me to have a good time and to see him in August when I return. The cardiac rehab staff will send me off with a regime to do at the Gym on board - and I plan to do them. Anyway all the tours are booked and we are busy planning our time in the ports that we will attempt to see on our own. We are flying Continental to Stockholm and Virgin Atlantic back from London - still allowed 2 suitcases each although we are going to try to back light -- I did say try LOL. Sorry no one else was able to join us -- we have a group of 8 people (4 couples) one of whom is our TA -- our friend first and then our TA. We probably won't do everything as a group but it's good to have friends aboard. Well that's it for now Kareen
  18. Well David has always been a handsome dude - hasn't he? Joey I am doing well - was in Cardiac Rehab this morning - I am used to longer more intense exercise but I guess I need to build up to where I was just a few weeks ago. We are still looking forward to our cruise in July - hopefully things will continue to go well. Jackie = what a great new adventure - I hope everything works out the way you want it to. We'll I'm off for lunch with a friend. Kareen
  19. Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  20. Joey How can I refuse a request from you --- somehow you must have known that I have been going through a serious health problem - last Tuesday evening I was admitted to the hospital with am MI and on Wednesday I had a cardiac cath and they inserted a stent in one of my arteries. I was home by Saturday and hopefully I am on the mend. For someone who never spent any time in the hospital (kids were born at a birthing center) and who never took any medication - this was quite an unusual and unexpected occurance. I am anxious to get back to my normal routine and will hopefully start Cardiac Rehab on Wednesday. The weird part about this is that since January I have been exercising for about 1 hour each day (didn't miss one) and was eating real healthy - lost almost 30 pounds. Oh well as the cardiologist said and he was joking - no good deed goes unpunished LOL -- but I think that because of my three months of healthy stuff I am at a good place to begin my rehab. We just made final payment for our Baltic Cruise in July and I can't wait to go. Bob and the kids are doing well. Now you know the whole story. Kareen
  21. Well it's been a long time - finally booked our Air and Pre-Cruise hotel in Stockholm - will be flying Continental out of Newark on July 17th and returning from London on August 2nd. We will be staying at the Hilton Slussen for the night of July 18th before we board the ship. It's really becoming more of a reality since it is less than 6 months away. Anyone else want to come along the itinerary is GREAT.
  22. Cheryl Thanks for thinking of me - I am doing well but I have been more busy than ever these last weeks -- I have been checking in to see how everyone is doing but haven't added my two cents. I will try to communicate more once things settle down after the beginning of school and the Jewish Holidays. Enjoy the Holiday Weekend.
  23. It gets closer all the time -- in a few weeks we can even book flights
  24. WOW - One Year and Counting Until We Sail Away[/size]
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