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  1. I thought the pricing on the specialty restaurants on Celebrity Edge were the most expensive of any I have seen. $65 pp at the steak one, similarly at the French one. We had Karen's birthday dinner at the Raw on 5 and it came to $115 for two. Thank goodness I still had adequate onboard credit available. Dinner in the four main dining rooms was good. They had entrees from the other dining room available, e.g. we were in Tuscany and one night we had appetizers and an entree from Cyprus available, and another night from Normandy. I thought dining room service was excellent from the waiter, asst waiter, and sommolier.
  2. The original Regal Princess, and Sun Princess were the first 2.
  3. We prefer wines with Cabernet Savignon blende with a little merlot, or Cabernet franc, or even a little petit Verdot. Those usually come from The Medoc or Haut-Medoc areas. We loved the St Emillion reds and the wine from Côte de Bourg.
  4. Most Norwegian ships have some form of dinner theatre that does have a charge, but none of the normal theatre entertainment has any charge.
  5. "Terrific cruise on excellent line for wine affecionadow (us)!" View full cruise review
  6. We still dress for formal night. Karen loves it, and I get to wear my military medals.
  7. It does back aft, where the suites go all the way up and overlook the pool. Condo Envy, as the billboard in Miami says!
  8. No smoking in staterooms or balconies. Only in designated areas.
  9. "Terrific week on a brand new ship!" View full cruise review
  10. Happy Birthday JohnCG!

  11. Welcome Again John. Great photo. Looking forward to meeting you in person in November.

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