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NCL Sun November 6th Sailing out of Houston!

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Hello, Sailing out of Barbours Cut LaPorte TX on November 6th on the NCL Sun and wondering if any others are as well??

We have experienced a high number of "incidents " which has truly colored this cruise with anxiety and anticipation. We had Hurricane Katrina in NOLA ! We had Houston ~ Galveston take a small hit. Finally, Hurricane Wilma has left her mark on Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel!!

Sooo not knowing if this cruise may end up being one long day at sea!! ha! or just a long sleep over!!

So how goes it with you?


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Hey ZydeDiverDC,

Welcome to Cruise Crazies.. Love your humor already..

We arent on your crusie but look forward to getting to know you and yours as time goes by.... Keep on posting.!! :grin:

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alt text

alt textalt text

We won't be on that sailing, but shortly thereafter. As far as we're concerned the ship could just sail for 10 days with no stops.

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Dear Joey and David.. Well .. my > she blushes> Thank you !!

and Dear Keith and Rita!! Yahoo! I agree.. cruise on..

The latest , grunt grunt.. errrrrrrrrr ,is that we have lost the Cozumel port and if the seas are too high. we will lose Belize. eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. she thinks..

Where is that book ..? the suntan lotion? and the police tape needed to mark MY place by the pool because Baby.. that's the only place to be when 'at sea" !! and of course .. this will be the thinking of the Masses..

I get a visual here.. like a sumo wrestlers convention.. in grease.. !!

Ah well, I have my good book, I am bringing my own Belgium Chocs and a bathing suit and will content myself to a great big juicy BahamaMama whilst I lounge .. leisurely of course, on my balcony and close my eyes now and then and think.. hey.. I am not at work.. I am not at work.. I dont hear the bosses voice heehehe.. no shoveling snow..

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :grin:

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