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Oahu Hawaii

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Oahu is probably the best known of the islands, due to the fact that Honolulu and Waikiki are here as well as Pearl Harbor. Oahu is also the most commercialised of the islands. You will find the big hotels and malls here. The other islands limited the size of buildings and shops so that you still see the islands and not the buildings.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii, it is really not that far from Waikiki. The bus system here is excellent and make it easy to get around. With the large hotels and shops finding parking space for a car is very limited and very expensive so the bus is a great way to travel here.Waikiki is known for the beaches, which are beautiful but are really lines with hotels and shops.

A must see on Oahu is Pearl Harbor. The museum here is very interesting and a trip to the Arizona is well worth doing. There is also a WWII submarine that you can see and go on here. From Pearl Harbor you can take a trip over to the Missouri which is facinating. Many of the guides on the Missouri were actually past crew members of the Missouri.

The Punch Bowl is another must see on Oahu. The Punch Bowl is a dormant volcano with a cemetary for the military that died in Pearl Harbor and south pacific battles. At the top of the mountain side is large monument. In the center of the monument is a very large statue. On each side of the statue are panels that show maps of South Pacific battles. Inside the monument is a beautiful chapel. If you a chance make sure you see this.

Oahu is also known for some of the best waves for surfing. Many big competitions are held in these waters. There are also some great opportunities for scuba diving off this island.

Diamondhead is one attractions that many people take a hike on. Views from here are spectacular.

To me Oahu is my least favortie island only because it is so commercial. The things I have mentioned are all beautiful and historic and well worth seeing. If you are a beach person head to Oahu.

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Oahu is our least favorite Hawaiian Island as well, but just because we’re not too interested in the big resort hotels. We thought Waikiki felt like Las Vegas without casinos.

The Dole Pineapple plantation was surprisingly fun and interesting.

We enjoyed the north shore of Oahu more. Be sure to check out the surfers and try some shrimp from one of the famous food trucks!

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On our first Hawaii cruise, we stayed 3 extra nights in Oahu. We had a blast. We rented a car and spent most of the time driving around the island. We did the Diamonhead trail the first day; Pearl Harbor the next, North Shore the last. Found some great off the beaten path restaurants as well as outdoor craft places.

On the second Hawaii cruise, we took the city bus and had the time of our life! I think the total cost was $4 a person and this bus let us get on and off all day long.

I agree that this island is a bit more commercial than some of the other Hawaiian islands, but aren't a lot of the Caribbean islands store-store-store???

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