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Cruise Ship Passenger Faces 10 Years in Prison

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An American cruise-ship passenger reportedly faces up to 10 years in prison in the Cayman Islands after a gun and ammunition were found in her luggage

A Celebrity Cruises passenger from Wisconsin faces up to 10 years in a Cayman Islands prison after a gun and six rounds of ammunition were found in her luggage, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on Friday.

Carol Ann McNeill-Skorupan, 68, was reportedly on a nine-night cruise in the Caribbean when a bag that had been misplaced on her flight from Wisconsin to Fort Lauderdale, Florida — where the cruise departed — arrived in the Cayman Islands.

She was detained in early February after a .25-caliber handgun and six rounds of ammunition were found in the bag, according to the report.

While McNeill-Skorupan said she had a concealed-carry permit for the firearm in Wisconsin, she did not have a corresponding license for the Cayman Islands, the report said.

A travel advisory issued by the US State Department says that having guns and ammunition are common reasons for arrest in the Cayman Islands.

McNeill-Skorupan now faces a trial next month in the Cayman Islands, where she could spend seven to 10 years in prison if found guilty, according to the Journal Sentinel.

James Stenning, McNeill-Skorupan's lawyer, said she did not direct her airline to send the bag to the Cayman Islands, the Cayman Compass reported. She had intended to leave the bag with a friend in Florida, the Journal Sentinel report said.

Since being released on a $10,000 bail, McNeill-Skorupan has returned to Wisconsin as she awaits trial, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Stenning and Celebrity Cruises did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.

By Mark Matousek, Business Insider
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I have to admit that this one puzzles me....why did she intend to bring the gun (and ammunition) with her on a cruise in the first place?  And why would she think that our gun laws here would apply while traveling?  Also, it appears to me that the airline knew her cruise itinerary so she most likely did not direct them to deliver the bag elsewhere or leave it within the airport.... 

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Yes, there seems to be something amiss here. According to another story I read, she had traveled from home with 3 pieces of luggage. She brought two of them to the Caymans. According to her, she intended to leave the third bag in the states, but somehow the bag went missing. She inquired as to it’s whereabouts, and the airline informed her that since they knew she was headed for a cruise ship in Grand Cayman, they sent it directly there. Doesn’t the airline scan luggage before sending it to an international destination? Whole thing sounds fishy to me.

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Exactly!  My airlines had no idea where I was headed once we landed...they don't "just know" unless you tell them... I think she made that up after it became a problem.  I would like to hear the airline's side.

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