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    "The best islands in the Caribbean have propellers." - John Maxtone-Graham
  1. Unfortunately, that pretty much sums up our New England weather... year-round, actually. I am sorry you did not have better weather. This was a particularly odd autumn. I recall exactly the week you visited. Even we New Englanders brought out our gloves and scarves. While I love my New England cruises, I really don't like the way many of them are marketed. In many cases, pax will not see the brilliant fall foliage shown in the brochures. Sure, there will be some beautiful colors, but the best of the leaf peeping is done inland, not within a few miles of the coast. And, the timing of when the leaves are at peak color changes from year to year. I wish more of the brochures would highlight the history of these ports, as they are remarkable. OK... off my soapbox now. Thank you for the review... and I loved the part about the lack of Rs in Bostonians' speech. I've been here 20 years and I still can't understand everyone.
  2. Good morning. It's great to be back... although it will take me awhile to read all the posts above mine. :) Nothing much today. I did have a huge report at work (4-month research report) that is finally finished, so I finally have some of my weekend time back to myself. I'll probably start looking into flights and hotel for our April cruise out of Barcelona. Perhaps book a few shore excursions, also, as there are a few we definitely want to do and don't want to get shut out. We went to the Bruins-Islanders game last night in Boston. It was an exciting game. I won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, so let's just say that I'm glad we didn't leave early, as most of the action happened in the last ten minutes. Have a great day, all!
  3. As an ocean liner fanatic, I am appalled by this idea. A cruise that honors the memories of those who perished is one thing. Promoting it as a re-creation, implying a form of entertainment, is quite another, IMO.
  4. Great thread. I am one who actually loses a couple of pounds on cruises, which is interesting as I struggle with my weight in "real" life. I do this by taking most meals in the dining room (portion control), making my choices at the buffet carefully, walking the promenade deck for a mile or two every morning, and going to the gym a couple of times. (It's so close... no excuses, lol.) Then again, I do indulge a bit here and there -- those of you who have been on HAL will likely understand about the bread pudding with vanilla sauce. Now, if only I could write off my cruises as medically necessary. :)
  5. Welcome back to the new CruiseCrazies Lisa. Please jump right in and begin posting.

  6. Welcome back, Lisa!!!

  7. Lisa63


    meat - dream (Wow... I'm amazed this game is still going on!)
  8. Lisa, it is good to see you back here on CC.

  9. Cool to have you back!

  10. Lisa, so glad to "sea" you back over here!

  11. We pose for many, yet the only ones we consistently purchase are the embarkation photos. (We have all 24 of them!)
  12. ss NORWAY. The beauty, the history, the attentive crew, and the pride one had looking at the ship from shore and saying, "that one's mine."
  13. Great questions. To get caught up: (1) What is your favorite onboard entertainment? I love anything musical. My favorites are the classical pianists. (2) Is two fold ..one is there one destination you would rather NEVER visit again? ..two is there one destination you ALWAYS love to visit? I'll answer the second one first. I never tire of Halifax. Other favorites are Quebec City and Bermuda, which we've visited several times each, and just about any port in eastern and northern Norway. I wouldn't be upset if we never visited the Caribbean again, other than Cozumel. (3) Based on a sailing time of 5pm... What time do you prefer get to the pier to begin the boarding process? By noon, if possible. I want to get the most time onboard as I can. (4) Thinking back to your first cruise, What do you remember most? This may sound a bit odd, yet we still recall hearing a maitre d' tell a waiter to return a plate of pasta to the kitchen as the ends were frayed. We knew then that this was going to be a special vacation.
  14. Oops... I didn't catch that, either. I was hoping you were planning another booking.
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