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  3. Our favourite land vacation has been Dubai so far. Looks like I have been talked into going to the Maldives with a stop in Doha on the way home for next holiday so favourite land vacation might change once DH has seen the Maldives!
  4. Good morning everyone. You should pop over hear for a day or two - we have had rain & max 20 degrees over the last few days - strange you get fed up of the heat & miss it as soon as it goes away!! :undecided: Last week or so has been turned up on its head, my sons childminder broke her foot last week and needs to rest it for 2 weeks so I have had to swap all my shifts to look after Jamie, luckily we go away on Sunday up to the Lakes to father in laws chalet. My sister, her husband and 3 out of her 4 boys are joining us so that should be a laugh... I think a few bottles of wine may be consumed!! :grin: If I dont get chance to check in before we go hope eveyone survives the heat & any tropical storms.
  5. Thats a bit wierd? I know we have seen a few reports about people that are worried about the Allied forces pulling out & leaving them to it like last time but I dont think an advert like that would work in the UK as we are far too sceptical & would just ignore it thinking it was our governments attempt to justify things???
  6. Hi Mickie, Welcome to Cruise Crazies and congratulations on getting your docs. Doing the doc dance with you
  7. Hi Cheryl (another one :grin: ) Welcome to Cruise Crazies heres to happy postings
  8. I have been watching the news about the power outages ect that parts of the States have been suffering. We have had a warm week or two but not quite to the temperatures some of you are suffering. Dont know about not having caffeine or Alcohol as the nice chilled class of Chillean Sauvignon Blanc just helped! :wink:
  9. I thought this was just cos my pc was going slow or work had web sensed certain sites??? :rolleyes:
  10. I am a Travel Sales Consultant - which is the worst job ever as I get to send loads of people on holidays that I really really want to do!!!!!! :cheesy: I sell Middle East, Indian Ocean & Cruises so if they are not doing Dubai & the Maldives they are doing Alaska with Rocky Mountaineer ect ect DH is a Serive Engineer for a Vending firm. I would really like Joey's job best I think - it's what i'm working towards :grin:
  11. I had to say go, but with anxienty as no matter how sure I was this wouldn't happen again I dont think I could board without the thought crossing my mind about the possibilities?
  12. I love dressing up. I have to wear a really unflattering uniform every day I'm at work so any dinner occassion & especially the formal nights of a cruise make a great opportunity to dress up :grin:
  13. Bon Voyage - if I missed you hope you had a great time. Jeff is Chankanaab Park back open now?
  14. AAhhh thats awful - so sorry to hear about the cat & hope the car turns out to be something easy (and cheap) to fix Big Hugs
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