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    Caribbean - Western
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    Cozmuel Mexico, Cancun Mexico, Costa Maya Mexico, Key West Fla, Grand Cayman and Jamaica
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    reading, cross stitch, horseback riding, traveling by car<br>walking with Pappy, my dog.
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    Jumper<br>Ever After<br>twilight
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    CSI (las Vegas)<br>Cold Case <br>Ghost Hunters
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    Haunting books (about Ghosts)<br>twilight saga series
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    Go with the Flow
  1. Happy Birthday lovelypinky!

  2. oh I haven't relay to you much sooner that I was so busy around first I arrived in Baton Rouge then I was in Washington La for a wedding of my sister in law's brother last weekend. I did touch New Orleans, French Quarter to be exact it was beautiful :) now I am at home. I wanted to go back there again :)

  3. Have a great time on your trip to Louisiana! My sister lives in Alexandria, which is in the heart of Louisiana. What part are you traveling to?

  4. good morning I am doing good and got everything for trip to Louisiana done. I hope everyone here are well :) I had storms last night Blah I hate storms they make me nervous. Today is better.
  5. Kevin Thanks!! from your last post :) how wonderful and congrats to Austin you should be proud of him :)
  6. thanks Deb and Martha :) Pappy is doing fine since his surgery last March and he is still same crazy dog :) He will be staying in the boarding Kennel also a doggy daycare in Jackson, Mich few miles west of my town for first time next week while I am in Louisiana he did visit the kennel last week and he love it reason why I am going to Louisiana is because I was invited to my sister in law's brother's wedding next Sat the 29th. I hope you all will have good night sleep :)
  7. hi I am back :) I know some of you have seen me in FB mostly of time that I am addict to FB ha :) I hope you guys are doing ok have good evening
  8. Sue, it's nice to see you back on CruiseCrazies!

  9. merry christmas to you all all of us are doing good we are staying in due to ice this afternoon that i don't wanted to risk of driving in ice. will leave tomorrow morning for my sister's :) of course i miss you guys :) have good holidays
  10. thanks right now he is still in the vet hospital as he is staying overnight but i have been updating from the hosptial that he is doing fine through emails Cheryl i hope Greg get better i know about having pnemonia as i have few times myself.
  11. good afternoon to you all just check on you guys i hope things are good with you guys soon i am about to leave for the vet with Pappy he is sick he had been throwing up since yesterday so i hope to get him to stop throwing up. have good day everyone
  12. BOO guys i am doing well so is Pappy :) not much have happen around here and that weather in Ann Arbor have become more cooler and that i am wearing jacket more now. i hope you guys are doing well yourselves :)
  13. hello you all :) i am doing great :) Pappy is doing fine. i will be busy today and tomorrow my older sister and her 2 kids are coming to see me tomorrow my nephew and our father are going to Tigers game that we gave him Tigers tickets for both my nephew and our father to go. Father is at the MSU and Michigan game in Lansing with a family friend of ours. i am taking my sister and my niece out shopping of course our mother is coming along. i hope you guys have good day :)
  14. good afternoon i am doing alright :) so is Pappy it is much cooler in last 2 days and i don't know if it will get more cooler later on since October is arriving soon this week i have gone nuts as time goes fast. heh. have good day everyone
  15. good evening to you all i hope things with you all well things around here are little busy :) will check on you all later
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