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Didja ever?

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Amazing to both me and Jerry ...

We have met many passengers these past few cruises from Australia and New Zealand on our 7 or 8 day Caribbean cruises. (Their dollar must spend a lot in the states!)

Amazing to us their travel plans before and after the cruise ... New York, Canada, Chicago, Vancouver, Las Vegas, Denver, Miami and back to New York. Many of these passengers tell us how they spend 2-3 days in each city.

1. I want their time away

2. I want their carefree attitudes about travelling

3. It goes without saying, I want to be able to travel to this extent and not worry about the cost!

I guess this is our struggle about booking Europe, Greece, Mediterranian, Israel ... I just don't want to fly in, cruise and fly home. I want to be able to see some of the other countries.

Guess we need to keep playing the lottery.

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I meet someone who was cruising and land vacationing for 3 months from Australia on our Europe cruise. She explained that with the cost and the fly time they vacation once a year and they are retired so the time isn't an issue. They keep costs lower by staying in less expensive hotels, rent homes with kitchens so they cook and do there own wash, etc.

Not how I would want to vacation but it works for them.

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I hear ya! :biggrin: I was amazed at the number of folks on our Ireland/Scotland cruise who were doing three back-to-back cruises and/or spending three weeks exploring Britain on either end of the cruise. I dream of the day when I will have both time and money to extend my vacation in such a way. :tongue: Our extended vacation time included a day and a half in Canterbury. Woohoo! :rolleyes2: And don't get me started on those world cruises ...

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I recently spoke with someone who has a timeshare but loves and prefers cruising. He told me that he books his cruises and trades the timeshare to either the beginning port or ending port and stays at the timeshare for the week. He also told me that you don't have to be a timeshare owner. The general public can search for available weeks and purchase them.

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