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Norwegian Stubs Out Smoking on Balconies

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About a week after Carnival Cruise Lines announced it would ban smoking on cruise ship stateroom balconies, Norwegian Cruise Line followed suit. Many cruisers greet the new policies with gratitude, but smokers reacted with anger and frustration.

Norwegian on July 16 said it would prohibit smoking on stateroom balconies effective Nov. 1. Carnival’s ban goes into effect on Oct. 9.

Norwegian said it also is limiting smoking in the casino to those who are actively gambling.

Those who smoke in staterooms or balconies will be charged a $250 cleaning fee. Guests also will be charged for any cigarette burns on furniture, towels or carpeting. Norwegian said the ban will include electronic cigarettes.

Norwegian said smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars and pipes is permitted in outdoor public guest spaces and open decks where designated by the ship’s management. Smoking is prohibited in or near venues serving food, the jogging track, outdoor sporting venues, The Haven outdoor areas and children’s pool areas.

On the Norwegian Breakaway and Getaway, smoking in The Waterfront is permitted on the starboard side, except near the outdoor restaurants. Indoor smoking of pipes and cigars will be allowed only in the cigar bar or designated smoking lounge.

In its new smoking policy, Norwegian said e-cigarettes are prohibited in public areas where there is a no-smoking policy “simply because these cigarettes look so realistic and therefore other guests’ perception is that we are not enforcing the no-smoking rule.”

The cruise line said it adopted the stricter policy because “the health and well-being of our guests and crew is of the utmost importance.”

As it did with Carnival’s announcement, Norwegian’s plan drew dozens of comments on its Facebook page within minutes.

“Thank you!!!! It’s hard to enjoy your balcony and the fresh air when you have smoke coming from the balcony next to you!!! Time to book another cruise!” wrote on commenter on Facebook.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just made me like my favorite cruise line even more!!” wrote another.

There are detractors as well.

“I don’t think we will sail again. It was great that we could smoke on our balcony. I guess we have sailed for the last time,” said another comment.

“I have a cruise booked in Feb. but with this new policy change I can assure you it will be the last cruise I take with NCL,” another person wrote. “All good things must come to an end, and I’ll take my money elsewhere.”


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Nicotine is every addictive. I smoked for one or two yrs. and quit in 1974 and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

If anyone deserts a cruise line b/c of this policy there will be non-smokers who will take their place. I don't think the cruise lines would do this unless they had a good idea it would not effect the bottom line.

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As non-smokers we’ve had our balcony ruined more than once by heavy smokers on nearby balconies so we’re perfectly happy with this change.

We do have a friend who is probably losing her mind though. They love Carnival and always took an inside cabin back when you could smoke in your stateroom. Her husband smokes two packs a day though, so they had to switch to balconies (and cruise less often) when that changed. When Carnival made this announcement a couple weeks ago she immediately canceled their Carnival cruise for this year and started looking for one with Norwegian. Now that’s off too. I believe Holland America still allows smoking on balconies but how long do you think that’ll last?

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2 ppd. That's around at least $15.00 per day, around $100.00 per week and over 5k per yr. If he can quit how many more cruises can they take?

I gather that quitting isn’t even remotely a consideration for him. Apparently there’s no way he could be able to cut back enough to even utilize only the smoking areas…

I think I’m much happier being addicted to cruising! :biggrin:

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I am semi-retired now and have given up the ICU grind to PT work for a home health agency. I am at my wits end trying to convince a patient with terrible lung disease not to quit but to at least not smoke while his oxygen is on!

Yes, in some cases it's that addictive.

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