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Kevin G. Chapman - come take a virtual cruise with me!

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Greetings! I'm an avid cruiser and just completed my latest novel, a crime-thriller set . . . on a cruise ship! Come join NYPD homicide detective (and me!) on the fictional Colossus of the Ocean as Mike and his partner track a killer who may be coming after Mike's cabin-mate next!  It's a chance to pretend to be on a cruise (a six-night trip from NYC to Bermuda). Bruce Frommert from Travelling with Bruce had this to say: "Take a six-night cruise to Bermuda from your couch. If you like cruising, you should get yourself a copy of Lethal Voyage. I loved it!"  You can watch him talk about the book on his YouTube channel (which is totally someplace you should try out!) here: “Take a 6-night cruise to Bermuda in one night.” — Travelling With Bruce recommends that you read “Lethal Voyage!” – Kevin G. Chapman

I love to talk about cruising, about books, about poker and golf, and particularly about my favorite destination -- Bermuda!


CoverwNEW corner-LV.png

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Thanks for sharing! Although the title seems all too familiar during these trying times, the book looks intriguing. Can't wait to check it out! 

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not sure why the cover picture came out so huge!  Not intentional.  Enjoy the book, Jan! You can view a preview here: Preview Page for Lethal Voyage (first 3 chapters – Audiobook Chapters 1-3) -- https://kevingchapman.com/my-books/lethal-voyage-cover/

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Yeah, photos seem to blow up here. No problem, it’s a great book cover! Will read it as soon as I’m done with Book 5 of the Outlander series (I’m hopelessly addicted). 

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