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  1. Cutting the baby's fingernails is a real nail biter!

  2. Real housewives of OC super juicy and it's only 10min into the show! I like @vgunvalson and her interjections! #realhousewivesofOC

  3. OMG! Went to the store and picked up some beer. I DIDN'T get carded! I might cry myself to sleep tonight!

  4. Invigorated....by Zumba of course! Thanks Valerie Willig Joyce for opening the Zumba Vault. And to my girls Loni Repiscak, Anna Gannon and Jennifer J. Kurek-English for shaking it with me!

  5. Zumba.....................Tonight!!!!!!! So excited!

  6. Back to Zumba countdown: 4 DAYS!!!!! Woooohooo!

  7. Isn't Grand Turk amazing????? We've been there twice and can't wait to go back again!
  8. Adding Zumba to the fitness itinerary was a request I mentioned when we cruised last summer. Glad they heard everyone's demands and added it. I love Zumba! Fun way to get and stay in shape.
  9. Hey everyone! Haven't been on for a while. Had a baby boy, Andrew James on March 9. We won't be cruising for a while, but I'll get my cruise fix from cruisecrazies again!

  10. Anytime between noon and 1:00. We also like to eat and relax after we get on the ship.
  11. We also taped it. We watched bits and pieces of it. They made a mistake because in the information section, they called it the Freedom of the Seas. Obviously, it was the special on the Oasis. We still have to sit down and watch the entire thing. Very fascinating!
  12. The "threatening" and "dangerous" one. It is still on right now in my time zone, so I'm watching it as we are chatting about it. :)
  13. Have a great time on your trip to Louisiana! My sister lives in Alexandria, which is in the heart of Louisiana. What part are you traveling to?

  14. Bon Voyage, Cheryl and Wayne! Enjoy your cruise!
  15. Thanks! I just made my final payment Saturday. So, now it feels even more real! We are so excited! Thanks for noticing my DDM status. This is the best part of the wait. :) This is our first time on the Emerald Princess. We have only been on the Caribbean Princess on our past cruises. I know it's not that much different. Anything stand out that you remember from the Emerald?

  16. Looks like a great start to a fun time! Wish I was able to go with!
  17. Wow! You guys have had some really bad experiences! July 2008, the Caribbean Princess lost one of its engines. (They can operate without one if all others are functioning properly.) Anyway, the air conditioning was not that cool throughout the entire cruise. The stabilizers were not working as well as they should've, and we got to spend 2 hours in Bermuda instead of a full day. Our cabin steward accidentally threw away my medicine that needed to be administered every 4 hours. He had to dig through the garbage to find it. He was pretty awful. Next time, I would save myself the hassle and switch stewards early on at the passenger service desk. I have always had a great experience on the Caribbean Princess. That cruise was pretty frustrating. Thank goodness everything was fixed and updated since its drydock. We also received a shipboard credit as well for our inconvenience. I purposely did not write a review for this cruise, because I think it was just a one-time bad experience. We have always been happy with Princess and look forward to our cruise in July 2010!
  18. I agree with anything Kenny Chesney or Jimmy Buffett. Luckydoc- We've heard and also enjoy Bert Stratton!
  19. Thanks everyone! I am sooooo excited! We are going on the Emerald Princess in July 2010. Caribbean itinerary. Princess Cays, Grand Turk, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Woohoo!

  20. Skipper- Thanks for the Princess Patter idea! I will be sharing these with them. Jacketwatch- The cruise we chose is on the Emerald Princess 7 day. Each day is a port day except two. We will be going to Princess Cays, Grand Turk, St. Maarten and St. Thomas. We also thought of keeping them busy with more port days. We will probably book a spa day on a port morning since they are discounted on these days. We should show them how busy a cruise ship is while in port. Great idea! Longboysfan- I think our friends are so nervous about it, they don't want to leave our side while on the cruise. You're right- they may feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. So, we will definitely plan out our evening using the map and Princess Patter. Thanks for the great ideas, everyone! Keep them coming!
  21. Mike and I will be booking a cruise for next summer very soon. Our friends may join us on the cruise. They will be first-time cruisers with us. What should I be sharing with them? What are some tips I should give them? They are afraid cruising may not be busy enough for them. I have been assuring them they will not be bored. Would you please share your suggestions with me? Thanks!
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