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Aft or Forward?

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We have booked and have rooms but they are very forward 8th floor

However we did get a quote for another set of rooms...more aft on the 6th..

Now can our TA get those rooms if another TA has them? and we had mid ship last time and were ok...

What would you all suggest? is the forward going to be a problem?

or aft be better??

Any info would be great :smiley:

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If your prone to seasickness forward would be the least ideal placement. It was the only time I've ever been queasy aboard a ship. I love the aft cabins and haven't had a problem with them but of course the seas were just right each time. Your not always lucky of course.

If I had to choose I'd prefer an aft but also look at what is above and below you. How close would that be to the Promenade, public rooms, etc.

Don't know about the TA part.

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Thanks, well the 6 th floor ones are right after the business services..they are not right at the back of the ship but closer to the back...

But we may be above a few of the shops.. I think its the general store and maybe even a few of the bars...

Maybe I'll keep looking...

Thanks :smiley:

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We generally look to be mid-ship and not too high. Of course as you become spoiled with balconies and the like you have to be higher up.

We have been forward and you knew if the seas were rough. On the next cruise we are going to be higher and aft. We will see how that works.

I have always been concerned that lower and aft would hear too much of the engine noises.


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We prefer so get staterooms as close to the top of the ship as possible we have Sky Deck Suite 1205Century and 1203Mercury on the sports deck booked for 2 of our next 3 and the 3rd is a sky deck aft CC on the Milli the balconies or verandahs are HUGE.. and this is one instance where size does matter.. :tongue:

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Thanks for the posts.. I contacted the TA and said we are worried about illness with the ones that far forward..and the others I found are over the bars..no thanks...

So see if she comes up with any others.. as we wanted to be very close to the kids..otherwise dh and I will split up into the rooms...

I will be taking meds with me, incase I do feel ill, I only had a few times last Cruise in our room which I felt ill...and it was smack right in the middle.and also didn't like sitting in the theatre either.. made me really ill...

Yes I was worried about the noise from the aft also..a low vibration I was told can be heard whether it bothered me or not..

See what the TA comes up with she tried really hard to get us ones right across the hall from each other..It might be fine..but always good to check..

Keep ya posted :smiley:

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