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  1. If you want to sneak alcohol on board, here's a good way to do it...bribe your cabin attendant to bring some onboard. They're allowed to bring alcohol onboard, and they can bring it up to you. It's strictly forbidden, but everyone does it.
  3. Having worked on a few ships, and roomed with a few Casino techs...here's a tip for slot machines. Play the ones closest to the main doors...they're actually programmed to pay out more. Sit outside the Casino, and wait to see if someone plays one of those machines for a while without winning. When they leave...jump in there and win win win! It really does work. Most Casinos do that to encourage people to come in and gamble...because if they see people winning when they first get there, they're more than likely to put down money and play. Also, with Blackjack...play the table minimums until you lose, then double up until you win it back...and then start betting the minimum again. You usually need about a $1500 float to do this safely on a $5 table...but if you play that way...you'll never lose. Some casinos won't let you play that way...but some will. You won't win big...but you'll always end up with more money than you started with.
  4. It all depends on what you use your computer for. If you use it for surfing the internet, photos and videos...then honestly, a Mac is the best way to go. They're the most well-built computers out there, Mac OS X is VIRUS FREE (not a single known Mac virus), they run Windows, and they're just so cool it's almost insane. You can get a good MacBook for around $1200 these days, and it'll make you wish you'd never stuck with Windows for so long. It's not hard to switch...most programs are actually easier and more intuitive on a Mac...and anything you can find for Windows that you'll need...you can find for Mac. The new OS X is what Vista was trying to copy...but they failed miserably. But people still fear change and end up buying piles of crap that do them no good...just because they're worried they won't be able to learn a new system. So, as far as Windows goes...stay away from Vista. 75% of all people who have upgraded have reverted back to XP. It's a HORRIBLE system, and I would strongly advise anyone to stay away from it. You'll be sorry if you decide to try it out. You'll waste time money, and you'll have an awful experience. I use XP at work (and hate it) but it works...marginally, compared to a Mac...which is like heaven compared. My mom ran an internet cafe for a while, and the Toshiba Satellite laptops were her workhorses. Well built, dependable and well-equipped...but now she uses a Mac, and says she'll never use Windows again. She used Windows 95, 98 and 2000 on them...and never had problems. Dells are okay, but stay away from the "Centrino" boxes...they're gutted piles of waste that are no good to anyone except the most basic of users. Trust me...Macs are the best idea... Once you go Mac...you'll never go back ;)
  5. Chichen Itza is amazing...but it's too bad the ship isn't docking in Progreso. Tulum is nice, but it'll be packed with gringos. Maybe do the tour in Belize, since Belize City is such a garbage pile...and this will give you a chance to get out of town. Also, if you're going to Roatan...be sure to stop by the pizza place in West End. My parents used to own it, and I spent a few winters slinging pies for people...good times. Roatan is amazing, and you'll love it. The reef at West Bay beats anything in the Caymans and Belize. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...and being in the water will save you from the sand fleas (no-see-ums). If you go to Anthony's Key...be sure to say hi to Julito for Brenda and Dan!
  6. I live 15 minutes away from the dock, and see the ship every weekend on my way to work. Plus, I used to work on the Radiance (sister ship) when it was up in Alaska for 3 seasons...so I have a pretty good understanding of the climate. Basically, the weather here is so all over the place that it's almost impossible to predict. It was hot and sunny yesterday, cold and rainy today...and who knows what it'll be tomorrow. People here say "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes". It works. So, bring layers...that's the best advice I can give. Layers...and something that will keep you dry. You may also want some good hiking shoes, since Alaska is best appreciated off the beaten track. There are great hikes in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway (the Dewey Lake hike in Skagway is amazing...but not for the timid). But, it can also get really hot...but this late in the season, it's not likely (but it is possible). Also, be forewarned that the immediate neighbourhood in Vancouver where the ship docks is HORRIBLE. It has the highest HIV rate in North America, has the lowest per-capita income of any neighbourhood in Canada, and is a place where you can see people shooting heroin and smoking crack out in the open. It's really too bad the RCL ships don't go to Canada Place downtown, because that is a far nicer place to start and end your cruise. It's the third world, basically...so don't go wandering around or else you may find yourself in a position you didn't want to find yourself in. It's really that bad... Hate to bring people down, but you'll be really glad when the ship pulls away...it's like a third world nation right near the docks.
  7. NO worries...glad you liked the video! It's been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube, and if you look up "Panama Canal" on YouTube, it's #1! Also, if you do a google search for "Panama Canal"...it's in the top ten. I've done a few other videos like this, but this is the best one. I also have a sail in to Hong Kong harbour, and a few SkyTrain videos like this...but I still like the Panama one best.
  8. [ Message removed: Violation of Community Guidelines ] As stated in the Community Guidelines, This is not the proper place for the promotion of any particular religion(s) and/or any religious propaganda, as well as any political agendas. This political thread has the potential to become extremely controversial, and the content will be strictly monitored to ensure no attacks, bashing, or further violations occur.... -Jason
  9. I used to work on the Radiance of the Seas (Jewel's sister ship) and took this video when the ship went through the canal back in 2003. It's a timelapse video that shows the entire trip in less than 2 minutes! Enjoy! http://revver.com/video/278842/panama-canal-timelapse/
  10. I've killed a lot of threads just with my username...some people see my name on the thread and then don't even bother to look at it anymore, so I'm glad this one didn't get killed off. I agree that the candidate's families should be left out of this...but I can't imagine the outrage there would have been from the GOP if the Democratic candidate had a daughter who gave birth out of wedlock. I guess that debate, and the abstinence debate are now off limits to everyone. I, for one, am happy about that. Now, if we can just get gay marriage and abortion out of politics...we'd be getting somewhere. Maybe Lynn Cheney helped the gay issue a bit...and who knows, maybe Palin's daughter has a few more surprises up her sleeve. Oh, and I'd love to see the "proof" that Sarah Palin actually is the mother of the last son. She surprised a lot of people (including her own staff members) on that one. It's also looking like she had an affair as well. The stories are actually pretty compelling...but, honestly, they're really not what we should be focusing on this election cycle. I couldn't care less about those issues...but I hope that this era of tolerance extends to more than just the GOP elite. I think we should be talking about Iran, the Economy, 9/11 and charging Bush with some war crimes...which it looks like Obama/Biden may consider when they win the election in a landslide this fall. I don't think Paraguay is going to be enough to keep Bush & Cheney out of jail after they're charged with the numerous war crimes they've committed . Here's a link to the articles of impeachment Kucinich brought forward last month...didn't hear much about it. I guess they're only interesting when they involve stained dresses...not when they involve the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Kucinich_pre...icles_0609.html Thanks for letting me speak! I hope you don't mind my opinion on this. I figured it was fair game, since I didn't start it.
  11. There are less now than there used to be. The exchange isn't great right now, and the wages haven't gone up in the cruise industry since 9/11. Royal Caribbean froze wages the week after, and they still haven't moved one cent.
  12. It's a lot of fun for someone who has no ties to a particular place. It does matter what position you're taking, but the choices for Americans are pretty decent. It's hard work, but it's good experience...and a great way to see the world.
  13. you can look up the root of the email address to find the site. it's www.banyan.com
  14. I have to admit...Sarah Palin gave a great speech. She was funny, well-spoken, engaging and I think she probably silenced a lot of critics with her poise and composure. I'm not a huge fan of her politics...she is very pro-abstinence, and obviously that isn't working even in her family (how many kids does her daughter have? is it one? is it two?)....she's for drilling in the ANWR, and she's just so unknown that she'll probably have to bow to lobbyists and special interests. But, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out...and it will be very interesting if McCain wins, since he's not very healthy and will probably die of natural causes (like cancer) while in office...So, she could go from being a virtual "nobody" hockey mom, to being the first woman President in hardly any time. I don't know if that worries anyone, but it seems like a bit of a gamble to me. I do have to say though, she has really added some energy to this campaign. McCain hardly looks alive...so this may help a lot. Hope I didn't kill this thread...I think I'm playing nice this time, and I didn't start the political talk...so I hope people don't mind me chiming in here.
  15. ...just thought i'd see what happens if i post in this thread. i wonder if people will stop checking it? Maybe Jason doesn't even need to close off threads anymore...all he needs to do is ask me to post! Hehe...well, let's see how this works. Pressing "Add Reply" now...let's see how many people avoid this thread now that I'm the last poster.
  16. Thanks Jeff. Sounds like you saw quite a bit of the world that most people don't get to see. I bet you have lots of stories to tell about what you saw and did. That's the stuff we'd like to hear about here. And if we want to read about all those other concerns, we now have the link to your website. I think that's a much better forum for posts of that nature. Kevin Yeah, I saw enough of the world to know what's going on in your country. Sorry it isn't what you want to hear, but that doesn't make it untrue.
  17. Et tu Joey? That surprises me...I mean, really surprises me. Things must be worse in the US than even I thought if I have to defend freedom of speech to you. I post in this thread because it's for topics other than cruising...I don't post this stuff in the cruising forums. You don't have to read it, but ignorance isn't bliss...not in this day & age. I don't rant politically, I expose crimes perpetrated against YOU by your government. Political forums aren't really all that great of a place to talk, since everyone seems to think the same things...and it's mostly preaching to the choir. I post here because I like the people here, and think that maybe we don't always want to talk about cruises...plus, you don't get the same access to media as we do up here, so maybe I thought some of you would be interested in finding out about some of this stuff. Oh well...sorry to everyone for being a buzz-kill. We've got lots of oil, your government cares about you, the environment is just peachy, and you're all way wealthier in every way than you were 8 years ago. Everything is just fine...just keep telling yourself that as the noose tightens around your neck. I will stop trying to warn you people...you don't want to hear the truth.
  18. Once again, I'm not promoting a political agenda...and technically I'm not breaking any rules. Lots of people on this forum make statements that are political in nature, but I just happen to have a perspective that isn't along the lines of the majority here...so I get focused on. I'm not promoting a political agenda, I'm making you aware of illegal activity. I know it's not what people want to read about, but hey...we live in times where we have to start confronting some of this stuff...because the train is running off the tracks. Unfortunately, this illegal activity happens to have been carried out by your current government...so it may appear political, but it's really not. If Gore and the Democrats had taken office in 2000 (which they technically won by over 600,000 votes) and this had have happened, then I would have been just as hard on them. It's just the illegality of all this that strikes me...am I the only one who thinks it's crazy that Bill Clinton got impeached for getting oral sex, when Bush has killed over 1,000,000 Iraqi civilians in an ILLEGAL war? I just can't believe I'm the only one on this site that thinks something is wrong with this. I also can't believe the US is considering another war with Iran...who is not threatening anyone! I'm not picking sides...other than our side. We the people...remember those words? All I'm doing is trying to wake Americans up to the fact that they have to become aware of the realities of modern America, and work to change the course...because it's not working. Plus, this is an American website, used by Americans...so I'm trying to reach out to people who may not have access to real news. Even CNN is fake these days. We're being lied to en masse, and I think we have to stand up and share the truth. How many of you are worse off now than you were in 2000? Why is gas so expensive? Why do you not have a 4th Amendment anymore? Why is Habeus Corpus gone in the USA? Why is the military patrolling American streets? Why are we threatening Iran? Why should the telecoms get away with breaking the law? Why is the US dollar slipping against the Euro? Why are cancer cures being suppressed? Why are we buying everything at Walmart, when Main St. America is dying? Why do we not celebrate free speech? Why is FEMA building concentration camps in the US? Why have they ordered millions of plastic coffins? Why was 9/11 allowed to happen when they knew for over a year in advance that it was being planned? Why do people still think I'm making this up when it's been proven over and over and over again. I know Bill O'Reilly hasn't claimed it's true...but remember, he used to host Inside Edition...so he'll say anything he's told to say. The freedom of speech thing...that's the thing that surprises me most...America was founded by revolutionaries who fought and died for these rights...why am I getting nailed to the wall everytime I try to bring up topics that don't rub people the right way? I used the right forum...this is supposed to be about non-cruising topics. I'm not breaking any rules...I'm just following the news and trying to have a discussion. Look, I have nothing to hide, so technically the monitoring of phone calls and internet traffic doesn't worry me...but it is still illegal, and I was under the impression we lived in a society ruled by law. That's what worries me. We aren't getting any closer to finding the terrorists with all these infringements of our personal rights and freedoms...and we've allowed companies and the government to flat-out break the law. How many laws have been broken by this administration? Even Karl Rove...he was supposed to testify to Congress yesterday, but fled the country...does anyone care why? How many even knew about that? He fled the country! What would happen if you didn't show up to a court date? I would have thought that some people would share the same opinions, and that freedom of speech is something to cherish...I have never singled someone out on this website, and I have followed the rules. I'm just sharing news...that's all. I'm not working for Obama or Ron Paul or McCain. I'm not a political person...it's just that these last 8 years have really sucked, and have turned me into somewhat of an activist. Before Bush, I couldn't care less...I was one of the least political people I know...but this has really changed things, and I guess I'm just like Gregswife and get itchy fingers. (Which reminds me, I'm still waiting to be shown the actual law that requires people in the US to pay income tax. Nobody has been able to actually show me the law...other than the tax code, which is technically unconstitutional and can't be used as an example of the law.) Honestly, I couldn't care less about American politics, since it's all a sham anyways. It's not the politicians who control America, it's the Federal Reserve Bank, the Bilderberg Group, The IMF and the social elites who run it anyways. I'm just trying to open people's eyes before it's too late. I don't mind the harassment, the ridicule, and the personal attacks...it's all part of the game. I honestly think there should be a tv show like Big Brother, where all the Presidental Candidates get sent to a house to live together and do challenges and then people vote them off the show. The last one left is the President. People might actually vote. Did you know that more people voted for American Idol last year than voted in the last election? Or maybe you could just have a cartoon donkey running against a cartoon elephant. It's basically what you have now. The chances that McCain is going to be any different than Bush is unlikely, and the chances Obama will even survive his first 4 years in office are slim. He'll choose Hillary to be his VP, and then he'll get assassinated if he wins...making Hillary the President (which was the plan anyways). Or Bush will just declare a national emergency and cancel the election if it looks like someone might charge him with the crimes he's committed while in office. Once again, this isn't political...this is criminal. Nonetheless...I wouldn't trust a voting machine as far as I could throw it. I hope none of you do either. Most machines you will be using in the fall have actually been decertified, and can be hacked in less than a minute to tilt the election 51-49 (which is very close to what the last two "elections" have been). Maybe the UN needs to come in and monitor this election to make sure it's not as bad as the one in Zimbabwe. I know I piss people off here, but I have respect for everyone on this site and speak out of duty. I feel I need to share this information with people who can do something about it. I'm Canadian...I can't change anything. But you can...that's why I write these things. I'm not trying to do anything more than open people's eyes. Oh, and about those 100 cruises. The first 15 or so were Panama Canal cruises...they were nice. Great people, nice run...lots of free time. Next were 4 Hawaii cruises...those were still my favorites. After that was Alaska, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I then spent 6 months in the Caribbean before going around the world twice on the Legend of the Seas. I then returned to the Caribbean, and spent 4 months there before returning to Alaska. Then I went to Bermuda for 3 months. After that, I was aboard "The World" where I travelled across the Arctic, down the east coast of the US, across to Mexico and then across the Pacific to Japan, China and the Philippines. I worked on those ships...if that helps explain how I did so much cruising. I'm not lying about how many cruises I took. I just ended up being paid for them!
  19. The Bilderberg Group was calling for oil prices to reach $200/barrel last year as part of their worldwide depopulation agenda. They're very pleased with the prices we're paying right now, and they will continue to rise until the middle class is entirely wiped out (along with the third world). This is all part of a plan, and we've got front row seats! In other news, why are Bush's impeachment articles getting little to no coverage in US news? Clinton had headlines for months... Look up: - Peak Oil - Bilderberg Group - Georgia Guidestones - PNAC - Cheney Energy Task Force - 9/11 Truth - WTC 7 - Operation Northwoods The shell game will continue until there is nothing left for us regular people. Look at the US economy...it's in a world of pain, and none of the moves by the Federal Reserve Bank are doing anything to help. Cruise ships are more likely to be used as prison ships in the future than vacation ships. They'll just tie them up, and they'll become FEMA prison camps to those of us not lucky to be born with a last name like Rockefeller, Rothchild and Warburg. I've been trying to warn you good people for years...maybe one day someone will listen. Sorry Jason...I just can't help helping people see the light in this time of darkness.
  20. Honestly, the economy is much more worrisome than terrorism. This comic nails it:
  21. Jason, I hear you...loud and clear. The people of this site don't want to hear dissent, and I don't want to offend anyone. It's unfortunate that America is no longer a country ruled by law and the freedoms of speech and expression...and that we all have to be careful not to upset the balance in this precarious house of cards..but there it is. Like Neo in "The Matrix" movie said...he really wished he'd taken the blue pill, because the red one (the truth) is very hard to swallow. I know this is a pill that's hard to swallow...it took me years to digest. And you all know, I've been looking into this for years...it's that big an issue. It's just too bad to hear that people aren't interested in dissenting points of view...it's what this country was founded on. Sad state of affairs if you ask me. I know "friends and politics don't mix", but this is too important to ignore...this isn't politics, this is criminal. At the risk of offending (sorry Jason)...the "red pill" of the current administration is, at this point, almost impossible to swallow...and it's too all-encompassing to ignore anymore. I just can't keep quiet about the crimes being perpetrated on all of us by the rogue elements in the US government and banking system. I keep digging, and the information just keeps getting more obvious. I wish I could believe Fox News, CNN and the current administration, but I just can't anymore. The hard evidence is WAY too damning on the other side of the coin, and anyone who does any real investigating into this "crime of the century" will soon discover exactly what I did...that we have been lied to, lock stock and smoking barrel. The proof is all around us, so why do we hold onto the official story? Because we hate being wrong, and we hate being lied to. I understand and respect that. I fought the truth for a long while, but eventually the proof was just too overwhelming. It's changed my life, and it'll change yours...if you have the courage to face it. I was in Egypt when Bush and Gore were figuring out who was President, and I can see how Muslims hate us...but that doesn't explain the physical evidence of 9/11 that proves that the planes didn't cause the collapses of the buildings. Those 3 buildings were the only steel buildings in the history of the world to collapse from kerosene fires. Even since 9/11, many buildings have withstood much worse fires, and the WTC was designed to handle the impact of not one, but two airplanes. Those buildings shouldn't have fallen...and they definitely shouldn't have fallen at free-fall speed! The official "pancake theory" should have taken minutes, and the debris should have looked a lot different than it did. These buildings came down in controlled demolitions...just look at the footage again. 9/11 is fake...all of it (except the good people who died...that's very real, and I am only trying to respect them by searching for the truth). It's what's called a "false flag" operation (like Pearl Harbour and the Gulf of Tonkin). It was designed and executed by rogue elements in the US government to spark the war in Afghanistan, Iraq and soon Iran/Syria...controlling oil supply in Eurasia, and ensuring that the US stays dominant over China, Russia and India...who are all racing up to meet us. Look up PNAC...and Operation Northwoods. You'll begin to see the picture developing. Rumsfeld actually stated recently that the US needs another 9/11...WTF!?!? 9/11 was also designed to hide corporate crime and the trillions of dollars missing from the Pentagon. Google "Donald Rumsfeld Sept 10" and you'll see (in the first link on the page) that he stated that over 2 TRILLION dollars was missing from the Pentagon...the day before the attack! Study where the plane hit the Pentagon...and you'll find that it was the accounting department. Seems pretty strange that a plane that was already on a straight track to the Pentagon (official story) made an over 270 degree turn before it hit, exposing itself to anti aircraft fire for over a minute...to avoid hitting Rumsfeld's office, and to crash into the accounting department. That investigation Rumsfeld was talking about sure went well...I'm sure we all know where those trillions went now. Also, where was the anti-aircraft fire? It's the Pentagon people! The most heavily photographed and defended building in the world! And why have we still not seen one frame of video that shows a plane actually hitting the building? I don't know people...why is this all hard to believe? Why is this debate so one-sided when there is so much evidence to the contrary? Why did Bush say that he saw video of the first plane hitting the WTC on 9/11 at the school, when that footage wasn't released for days after the attacks? If you strain to remember that horrible day, you'll remember that we only ever saw the second plane hit that day...there is still, to this day, only one angle of the first plane...and that didn't come out for days after the attack. If that's still the only shot we have of the first plane...what did Bush see that morning? He saw something...he said it himself. Read "Crossing The Rubicon". It'll wake you all up to the horrible truth that we've been living in the shadow of for the last 7 years. It's a scary read, but the hundreds of pages of references will help you to see the truth in those pages, and help you to let go of the lie you've been clinging to (just like I was). It's far more researched than the official 9/11 Commission Report, and covers pretty much all the bases. Hell, read the official report, and you'll see what a farce it is. They don't mention WTC 7 ONCE!!! It was a 40-something story building! How do you miss that!?! Why was it not in the report?!? Because it was a controlled demolition. Watch the footage again...how hard is it to believe that when you look at it? Not hard...anyone who's seen a building come down will be able to see that right away. For those of you who wish to be free, message me privately and I'll share what information I have. A few of you have already done that, and I respect you for wanting to learn more about the state of your "States" right now. It's not easy to challenge the lies, but it needs to be done...for all of us. There will be no world justice and peace until the criminals behind 9/11 are caught. For those of you who don't wish to be free and took the blue pill...God help you, I really mean that. I pray for you. There will never be peace until this lie is exposed, and things aren't getting better (as I'm sure you can see). The economy is in ruin, the world hates Americans again (after loving them in the aftermath of 9/11), and it's not going to get better unless we all wake up to the lies of 9/11 and the Bush Administration. Also, if you look at the FBI's most wanted list, and look up Osama Bin Laden...you'll see that they don't even officially charge him with the crimes of 9/11! I know...hard to believe, but it's the way it is. The reason they haven't actually charged him is because they (still) have no proof that he was involved! Instead, look at who benefitted from the crime. There's your criminal. It's not who you think it is...and it'll freak you out when you discover the truth. Even the Romans did that in investigations...who benefits? Seems like Bush and his buddies walked away looking pretty good from this one. Sorry Jason, I couldn't help this last post...it needs to be said. I really do like and respect all the people here, and hope that they discover the truth before it's too late. I hope nobody is offended, and I really hope people wake up and start asking some real questions before we lose what's left of our freedom. Bush is now officially the worst president in US history, and he (or McCain) will be an even worse dictator. That is...if we even have an election. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! I can't believe I still have to defend these statements. This is all common knowledge to those who want it. This shouldn't offend anyone from the USA, as I thought Freedom of Speech was a cornerstone to the union. I may not agree with you, but I'll die defending your right to your opinion....that's the American way. Not this fear-induced neo-facism we're living under right now. I'll shut up, but I'd like to hear some opinion on this. Where's the outrage? Where's the controversy? All I ever see in this forum is that as soon as I speak...the line goes dead. I'm the thread killer...nobody responds. So, where's the outrage? I'd like to face my accusers...so, let's hear what people have to say about this! Speak up! You're Americans! Fight for your freedom! Tell me where to shove it! I feel like the guy in "Network" who has to scream at people to get angry! This is your country! Step up to the plate! Are you quiet because you're afraid of what might happen if you speak out? If so...then I don't have to say anymore. That just proved my point....the USA is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's a prison, where you just shut up, if you know what's good for you...right? Once again...sorry Jason. You just got me going there...I'm done :)
  22. I know this is a tough topic to deal with. It calls into question so much, and it's really hard to believe our own governments could be capable of this criminal behavior and manipulation...but there it is. I hope some of you fight through the fog and try to learn more about the actual evidence in this case...CSI would have figured this out years ago...but unfortunately, that kind of honesty and investigation only seems to be on TV these days. The official report on 9/11 doesn't even mention WTC 7...it would be the biggest building in most US cities, but it doesn't even get a single mention in the report. NIST even claims that they have no idea how it fell. I think we need to be asking ourselves who the tenants of WTC 7 were. Here's a list, perhaps that will help explain why it's missing from the official report...and why so much white collar crime in the 90s went unpunished. Giuliani's own emergency bunker was in that building, but he knew the building was coming down...and didn't use it! This is the smoking gun! When are we going to wake up?!?! Salomon Smith Barney GRND,1-6,13,18-46 Provident Financial Management 7,13 American Express Bank 7,8,13 U.S. Secret Service 9,10 Standard Chartered Bank 10,13,26,27 Securities & Exchange Commission 11,12,13 United States Equal Opportunity Commission 18 NAIC Securities 19 ITT Hartford Insurance Group 19-21 First State Management Group, Inc 21 Federal Home Loan Bank 22 Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt 23 Internal Revenue Service Regional Council 24,25
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