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What would enhance your cruising experience?

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If you could make a suggestion to the cruise line that would enhance your cruising experiences what would it be?

I used to wish that those acrylic blankets on Carnival ships would be replaced and that has happened, at least on a couple of the ships we have been on.

For dughter's sake , I'd like cabins to have DVD players. I'd like hair dryers in every stateroom. I'd also like the shows to be changed a bit more often. Other than these minor things, I'm pretty content.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I think some other cruise lines could take a page from the Princess book as it relates to their repeat cruisers.

The Princess "Elite" status include free laundry and dry cleaning, free unlimited use of the internet and a stocked bar in your stateroom (once only). There are also some other minor perks which are missing on many other cruise lines.

I find we are doing more cruising on Princess these days because of the above.

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This is a tough one because I enjoy almost everything that I participate in. I would say that there should be a completely different show on each ship. I have had to sit through so many repeated shows that it's not funny.

I do have to say that the repeated show that I saw on the Carnival Valor had the best dancers that I'd ever seen in a spectacular.

Sometimes the singers seem a litter worn out and have bad intonation. I would seek singers that can perform magnificently under such a rigorous schedule. There's nothing like sitting through a production where the singer is always flat on the climatic notes.

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Gosh Joey.........the seminars are a great idea....I am all for that one.........Being I am a diabetic I would like to see sugar free ice cream in the soft serve machine..........Good thing the ice cream is free with how much Ken eats of it..........

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How about a deal like you get at some restaurants.... Take 9 cruises and the 10th one is free...... :grin:

Seriously, other than Celebrty and Imperial Majesty, which still provide them, bring back trays at the buffet!!! It's tough juggling two plates, silverware and a drink without a tray!

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