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need advice

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We are planning our second cruise and would like some cruise crazies input. We will be sailing on the Carnival Liberty in April 07, to Freeport, Grand Cayman and Costa Maya. We are thinking of booking excursions to Sting Ray City and Turtle Farm and Mayan Ruins. Has anyone been to these? Any advice? If we go to Sting Ray City is there anywhere to put your belongings while you are in the water? Are there any crazies going on the same cruise? Any advice about the boat or excursions would be appreciated. We used your packing list on our first cruise any had everything we needed. Thanks alot!!!

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Yes we've done this excursion. You can just leave your belongings on the boat at Sting Ray City. We loved the Turtle farm as well. We didn't do this on Carnival, we did it with Holland America but I'm sure they use the same operators on the island. Enjoy!!!

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We didn't do Grand Cayman on Carnival either...we were on Princess. But, we did the Turtle Farm, and our friends did Stingray City. As I recall, they were both at the same time.

Just my personal suggestion: don't eat the turtle soup or turtle sandwiches AFTER you've seen those cute little turtles. (Poor little things! (LOL!)

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We did the stingrays and turtle farm and "Hell" on Carnival - it was wonderful. Just leave your stuff on the boat - all our bits and bobs were still there when we got back on. You are near your boat when you are in the water anyway. We loved the turtle farm - got to hold babies - awwww!!!! Love baby anythings lol.

Best advice - lather on the sun screen and get the waterproof stuff - we looked like lobsters and felt "prickly" for days - WE WERE BRIGHT RED!!! Also get one of those disposable underwater cameras or a waterproof case for your camera - you will want to take lots of photos.

We sent ourselves a postcard from Hell and it has become quite a conversation piece. I thought Grand Cayman was one of the prettiest places I have ever seen and incredibly clean. The only drawback was we had only a few monutes to shop before heading back to the ship - and this is one gal who loves (read lives) to shop!!!

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I am also new to cruising. I went once and know that it is a way of life that I intend on getting use to.

I went to Costa Maya and visited the ruins at chacchoben. It is about 50 miles away from the port and was one of the highlights of my trip. I did a lot of reading on the internet and found a couple of guys who seem to know what they are doing and for about 1/2 the price of the cruise lines. David and Ivan who have a sincere love and appreciation for the ruins and the culture of their families. Ivan grew up right next to the ruins and played there as a child before they were excavated. I had a feeling of reverence for the people who lived there and was so greatful that I went with these guys on that tour.

The cost as I remember was about $45 US per person. That is about half the cost of what the cruise lines offer and the tour guides are better. They provided transportation in a very comfortable van and even had bottled water and soda for the ride. They are very humble people and seem to have an appreciation for the things of life that matter most. I imagine that most of the money they make goes to transportation as they still have to rent the vans they use for this tour. The van I rode in was a Mercedes with reclining seats and air conditioning.

To contact David or Ivan, you can email them at:


They may take a couple of days to get back to you, but they will. They were very organized and knew that we would be there on the correct day and happy to assist us with any questions.

When you get off the port at Costa Maya, you have to take a taxi to the town. The taxis are regulated by the government and have a flat rate of about $6 each way. The town is very small, but has an amazing beach.

They will meet you at a place called 'The Cats Meow' which is where the taxi will drop you off if you are going to the town.

For anyone going to Costa Maya and is a history lover, this is a great way to see the ruins. I have some amazing pictures and even better memories.

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