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Cruising beats land vacation anytime!

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I totally agree. We did a land tour of Portugal with the family 2 years ago to visit birthplaces of my husband's family. My philosophy of "if I can't cruise there, then I don't want to go" didn't apply here because of the nature of the trip, with small towns and a lot of driving involved. While we got a fairly good deal on air and hotels, the cars were super expensive due to the fact that none of us wanted to drive a stick, and we needed two of them for our 10-day trip, double the gasoline. Not only that, but the meals really added up. Fortunately, we took turns picking up the tab. :smile:

Then there's the "family in your face" factor. On a cruise, there are opportunities to go off and do your own thing. On the Portugal vacation, there was no escaping each other. By the time the vacation was over, it was obvious that some of us had more than enough of each other. :tongue:

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Completely agree, Debbie! Not only is cruising a good value, but for those of us on a serious budget it is so much easier to budget for. With a land vacation, there always seems to be so many unknowns, incidentals, "surprises" that can really be a budget killer. But with a cruise, nearly everything is included and paid for by the time you board the ship -- and the incidentals -- photos, drinks, bingo, etc. -- you know pretty well ahead of time just how much they're going to cost and you can easily stay within your budget.

Cruising allows me to feel rich, even when I am definitely not, LOL. :laugh:




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My girls want to go to Japan next year, and I'm trying to convince them to do a cruise with Princess, as there are some nice 7-9 day sailings much less expensive than any land tour they'll find. So much less complicated to plan, too. Wish they would listen to me for once! *winks*

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Well you are preaching ot the choir Deb. :tongue: Its no coincidence that since our 1st cruise in 2002 we've had but one land vacation (not counting obligatory trips to India to visit my wifes rels) and nine other cruises. Prior to our 1st cruise we took at least 18-20 land vacations so its clear to us as well that cruising is abetter value and experience by far. It surprises me that some folks eschew cruising for totally false reasons like you have to get off only when they tell you too, you have to use the ships excursions, that there's nothing to do on the ships, etc. They don't know what they are missing. :thumbup:

Next time you want to see your rels take a cruise with them. :biggrin:

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Next time you want to see your rels take a cruise with them.

Great advice Larry! Yet another fantastic benefit of cruising: it makes spending time with the extended family so much better! :laugh:

The majority of my extended family has never cruised, and I can't get them to take the leap. Drives me nuts!

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