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Live from NCL Dawn - Boston to Bermuda

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Good morning from the Dawn. Up before the sun, worked out in the fitness center, had breakfast and now hanging by the pool. Ship is beautiful since the revitalization in 2016 and we see many improvements. Fitness center is larger, though we noticed a few broken machines. Only disappointment was dinner in the main dining room - service was slow and pork and prime rib overdone. Hope the food improves. Otherwise, having a great time.



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Good morning from the Norwegian Dawn! We are back at sea and begun the return trip home. I am proud to say that David and I have both done an hour in the gym every morning of this cruise. We’ve still gained a few stray cruise pounds, but at least I fill like we’re making an effort.

We’ve got lots of cloud cover this morning, which is a welcome relief, as it’s been WICKED hot. Chair hogs are out in force around the pool. To give you an idea, David and I hit the gym at 6:30 am, shower, change and hit the deck by 8:00 and every prime chair has been saved.    This particular cruise has a certain group of ladies (super piggy hogs) out here every morning, no doubt as the crew begins un-roping stacks of chairs while at the same time saving a few comfy sofas surrounding the pool. It’s sick, really. I swear, the only life to survive a nuclear blast will be the cockroach and the chair hog.?

Meanwhile, our cabin AC is still not fixed ...

Speaking of broken things, as nice as the ship is, I’ve been noticing more and more “out of order” signs each day, specifically toilets, sinks, and toilet stall doors. Funny story ... I was in the women’s room commode taking care of business and got locked in. I tried turning the lock in all different directions, and when that didn’t work, began kicking the door, hoping to break the lock. Just as a woman was about to go fetch maintenance, the the door suddenly popped open. Needless to say, I no longer lock the doors.

Anyway, I don’t mean to complain. After all, what’s a cruise without it’s quirky people and things. And what would I ever write about! ?

No pics right now - won’t upload - so check back later!


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