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Seriously thinking of cruising Europe

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DH and I are starting to look at cruises for summer 2007. We'd very much like to cruise in Europe, but the choices are so overwhelming we don't know where to begin. (Europe is a continent, after all.) We'd prefer a round-trip cruise to help keep air costs down. We've previously visited London and would love to do another pre-cruise stay there, but are open to just about anything. We are also taking our son, who will be nearly 14 then. As he has cognitive delays, he stays with us the entire time, so a kids program isn't a priority for us, but we also don't want to be the only family onboard. Time frame is between 7 and 12 days, during either July or August.

I've already talked with my TA (who is wonderful, BTW), and I am looking for some more first-hand experiences with cruising Europe.

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We have cruised most of Europe at one time or another.

Ask yourself what is the ONE place you want to visit above all others in Europe??? That's your starting point.

For example, we are planning our European cruise for next year around St. Petersburg, Russia, a place we really want to visit. So, that makes it a Baltic cruise. That's our starting point.

After you answer the first question, make another post and I'm sure there are several of us who can help you with information.

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We have done four European cruises, with our fifth coming up in less than three weeks.

We have done three Med cruises, the Baltic and next month we will cruise the British Isles/Norwegian Fjords. They are all port intensive. Only two sea days on a twelve day cruise. All our cruises have been on RCI.

Like Skipper said, choose the one place you want to visit and start from there.

We have not seen a lot of kids on the cruises, but then you don't spend too much time on the ship. The days are very full and busy.

If I was to recommend one cruise for a first time visitor to Europe, I'd recommend the RCI Barcelona-Barcelona Greek Isles cruise. You get to visit Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece.

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My sister and her family are flying to Rome as I type this. They sail on the Carnival Liberty on Wednesday, on a 12-day cruise around Europe. You may want to check Liberty's itinerary to see if it's something you like. I can let you know her thoughts when she returns home on June 13th if you like. Have fun planning!


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Thank you for all the advice so far. Skipper - that's great advice about the one place we'd like to visit above all. And jbond, I like the idea of visiting so many countries in one trip. I had been thinking of Norway, but I wonder if it's best to save a Norwegian Fjords/North Cape cruise for another time -- and visit Oslo only for this first cruise in the region. I'd also love to visit Helsinki.... Sounds like I'm starting to narrow things down a bit. :)

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An update: I just received a wonderful price on a Norwegian Fjord/North Cape cruise... itinerary is fabulous, and I've always wanted to cruise the Arctic Circle. We'd do a pre-cruise stay in Amsterdam. I think this is coming together.

The advice to choose one area we'd like to see was excellent! I kept coming back to Norway, even before hearing about this great deal from my TA. Thank you again... and any feedback on Norwegian Fjord/North Cape would be great. :)

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Glad to hear the advice worked. We did a Northern Europe on Princess that began in England, first stop was Amsterdam where you are thinking of beginning. Hit the Fjords, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and I'm sure I'm missing some countries. Lots of ship doing this area, so you have lots of choices.

Keep us updated.

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