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Which cruise would you like to repeat, and why?

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Oh we've been on so many awesome cruises, but Alaska is definitely on the top of my list.

We love the awesome splendour of the glaciers and mountains and the wild side - the whales, puffiins, sea otters, bears, dolphins and seals. I must say the Med. comes a very, very close second.

Now if you talk to DH he will say Alaska and then the Panama Canal. To each his own!

How about you????

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Zebra, I must say I haven’t traveled as much as others…but if I have to pick one right now based on past travels it would be st Maarteen….. We just fell in love with that island..

Would move there in a heart beat too!

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I absolutely love the Western Caribbean, with the Eastern Caribbean in second place. In facts, I've been on 62 cruises, all of which sailed from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, with the exception of one that sailed from San Juan...

As far as a "repeat" cruise goes, I've sailed on the same ship/itinerary a number of times

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A better question would be : which cruise would you Not repeat? We've done three Canada-New England cruises, with three different itineraries. The only port (other than NYC) on all three cruises was Boston.

Our cruises have been to Canada-New England, Western Carib. and Central America, Alaska, Bermuda, and the Med. The only one we wouldn't repeat is Bermuda: when we go again, we'll fly and stay at a hotel. In general, though, we like to have at least 10 years before we revisit any place.

Our next "repeat" cruise will probably Alaska. We did that as our first cruise, in 1998, to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We plan on doing Alaska again in 2008, to celebrate our 40th.

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It would also be Alaska for us and maybe the Mexican Riviera again, but only if it was out of San Diego and not LA. We also liked cruising out of Galveston to Belize and Shark Ray Alley and may repeat that one someday.

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Hi Zebra!

Welcome aboard!!!

I would love to repeat any of my cruises, but mostly Hawaii and the Panama Canal. I would like to do the Mediterranean first and then the Southern Carribean, (haven't done them, yet) and then I would think about repeats. I would love to do a British Isles cruise some day, too, so I have a lot that I would like to do before repeats, but price is always a factor in where we go, so we could do some repeats first.

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Several of you have mentioned the Mexican Riviera. As an East Coaster who thinks that a trip to LA or SD is a big pain in the neck, I've never even considered that route. (Then again, my Caribbean island experience consists of one island stop, Grand Cayman, on one cruise. I am about as far from being a worshiper of sun and heat as one can be.) What is there about that route that would make it worth flying there from New York?

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