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Welcome Back & Captains parties.

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We usually cruise on RCCL and are invited to the Welcome Back & Captains parties on each sailing. The shortest sailing we have done is a 4 day. I have 2 questions:

1. Do they have these parties on a 3 day cruise?

2. Do you all attend these parties??

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Totally depends on what we did during the day. If it's a sea day, then yes we will go to the parties -- free drinks and appetizers. Sometimes if it's a port day and we've been out in the sun all day, we are napping and not feeling up to rushing to get ready.

Generally, we try and attend afternoon tea, free events, etc., etc.

On the Century, the weather was so bad we couldn't step outside. So, we all (I think there were 10 of us) went to the art auction. Certainly NOT for the art. Most definitely for the wine, champagne, cheese, crackers, etc.!

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We skip those but very glad we attended the Diamond Club Member get togethers from 5-8 every night. The shrimp , meatballs and other little thingies were great, the room had an amazing view and the open bar was amazing even though all I had was soda. I actually looked forward to this pre dinner thing every day, like I needed this extra food, right? The last night I ate so much there that I couldn't eat dinner, which was fine. I just had key lime pie and watched Wayne eat. Loved it.

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Well shoot! That means I missed one! I guess I'll have to make up for it by eating and drinking double on the next one, LOL! :laugh:

Andi - we have just got off a RCCL 4 day cruise and they had both those parties. We enjoy them ... especially love the free drinks and appetizers tongue.gifthumbup.gif

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