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Poll: Trust in cruise lines continues to drop. Your opinion?

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America's trust in cruise lines has continued to drop in the months since the Carnival Triumph fire, a Harris poll released this week suggests.

The survey of 2,052 U.S. adults, which took place between May 14 and 16, found an additional 5% decline in a measurement of America's trust in cruise lines from the low levels hit in February just after the much-publicized incident.

As compared to levels before the incident, the measurement of America's trust in cruise lines is now down 12%.

The poll results suggest the industry's reputation has been hurt more by the Carnival Triumph fire than industry watchers initially expected. In the days after the incident, many analysts at Wall Street firms and other industry observers predicted that any impact on the traveling public would be short-lived.

The poll also suggests Carnival continues to be impacted far more than its rivals by the incident. It found an additional 11% decline in the measurement of trust in Carnival over the past three months, on top of a sharp drop after the incident. As compared to levels before the incident, the measurement of trust in Carnival is now down 26%.

Measurements of trust in rival lines including Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and Holland America also remain down, though not as sharply.

The perception of quality at brands such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian also continues to be down significantly in the wake of the incident, according to the Harris poll. A measurement of America's perception of quality at Carnival is now down 28% from before the incident, according to the poll.

Carnival also has suffered a 20% decline in a measurement of purchase intent in the Harris poll.

Perhaps more significantly, the poll suggests that newcomers to cruising continue to be put off by the incident. Harris says 56% of respondents who had never taken a cruise said they were less likely to take one now than they were a year ago.

The Feb. 10 fire in an engine room of the Carnival Triumph left the ship dead in the water in the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to a lack of propulsion, the ship was without power for essential services such as food preparation and, for a time, running water. Toilets stopped working, as did air conditioning and lighting. The vessel eventually was towed to Mobile, Ala., but not before passengers had to spend four days on board in what was described as miserable conditions.

By Gene Sloan, USA Today

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I would venture a guess that the majority of respondents to the poll were folks who have never cruised.

I agree that Carnival's reputation was compromised - thanks mostly to blasting by the press.

But I don't believe for a minute that seasoned cruisers - or anyone who enjoys cruising - will have any less faith or trust in any cruise line.

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I agree with the above. As a veteran cruiser I am not put off. I do think CCL has to upgrade their maintenence procedures as it was more than just the Triumph but they know that better than we do as its the bottom line which has to be protected and you can't do that by presenting a shoddy product.

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I admit the "Costa" incident and the "Triumph" incident had me a bit concerned, especially since I am older now and have a few health issues...trying to survive ...or go through...some of the things that could happen would be harder for me now than ever, but I'm thinking, and hoping that "Carnival," and all of the cruise lines, have learned from these incidents and will be taking more precautions, and will have everything working the way it should before they sail. Of course none of us know if we'll be courageous, or a coward, or just be human, in the situation of a sinking ship...don't know how you can pick a courageous caption...just give them extra talks on how to make the passengers be your first concern, and get them on the lifeboats right away? I would pray for them, and myself to be courageous.

I went through a pretty tough time when one ship I sailed on a few years back had "pod" problems...but I sailed again...and am sailing again this September, and also hope to sail my "dream" cruise to the Mediterranean in 2014. For all the ships sailing, the problems that have made the headlines recently are pretty rare. I feel that I can't live my life in fear...I do, however, say my prayers before I fly, sail, or even get in a car...can't hurt, and can only help. :biggrin: As Carrie Underwood sings, "Jesus take the wheel."

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Personally I have not changed my opinion of cruising. These things happen - I will just take advantage of reduced price offers and move on. As seasoned cruisers we will always look forward to the next cruise with excitement.

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I would venture a guess that the majority of respondents to the poll were folks who have never cruised.

Good point Jan. We don't know the details, but the first question should have been: "Have you ever cruised before?"

Second question, "Which cruiseline?"

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I blame the media for much of the decline in trust. Ask or survey those who do cruise. I have taken two Carnival cruise this year, and have one more in November. I have already booked the first of 2014 also on Carnival.

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I'd love to know the demographics of who was surveyed. I agree that it might be folks who only cruised once or never cruised.

How come I'm never questioned???

The media makes a big fuss over the negative (not just with cruising incidents but with pretty much anything). One of these days I'd love to read a paper and only read wonderful events.

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